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example.drushrc.php examples/example.drushrc.php
example.profile tests/resources/example.profile includes/ commands/core/ Field API's drush integration
fieldTest.php tests/fieldTest.php includes/
filesystemTest.php tests/filesystemTest.php commands/make/ Functions for the generate makefile command.
generateMakeTest.php tests/generateMakeTest.php commands/pm/package_handler/ Drush PM Git extension. commands/core/ commands/core/ Image module's drush integration.
imageTest.php tests/imageTest.php commands/pm/ tests/hooks/magic_help_alter/ commands/make/ Download-specific functions for Drush Make. commands/make/ Drush Make commands. commands/make/ Drush Make processing classes.
make.txt docs/make.txt Drush make ---------- Drush make is an extension to drush that can create a ready-to-use drupal site, pulling sources from various locations. It does this by parsing a flat text file (similar to a drupal `.info` file) and downloading the sources it… commands/make/ General utility functions for Drush Make.
makeTest.php tests/makeTest.php includes/ commands/pm/ The drush Project Manager
pmDownloadTest.php tests/pmDownloadTest.php
pmEnDisUnListTest.php tests/pmEnDisUnListTest.php Tests for enable, disable, uninstall, pm-list commands.
pmReleaseNotesTest.php tests/pmReleaseNotesTest.php
pmUpdateCodeTest.php tests/pmUpdateCodeTest.php Prepare a codebase and upgrade it in several stages, exercising updatecode's filters. @todo test security-only once one of these modules or core gets a security release. examples/ Example policy commandfile. Modify as desired. commands/core/
queueTest.php tests/queueTest.php
queue_script.php tests/resources/queue_script.php
quickDrupalTest.php tests/quickDrupalTest.php
README.txt lib/README.txt Drush adds external libraries here; examples include the Console Table and lightweight httpserver. This directory should be writable by the first user who runs Drush so that these dependencies can be downloaded. It may be set to read-only after that.
README.txt tests/README.txt
releaseInfoTest.php tests/releaseInfoTest.php commands/core/
runner.php tests/runner.php A nearly verbatim copy of phpunit script that ships with PEAR's PHPUnit. commands/runserver/ Classes extending the httpserver library that provide Drupal specific behaviours.
runserver-prepend.php commands/runserver/runserver-prepend.php commands/runserver/ Built in http server commands.
sandwich-nocolor.txt examples/sandwich-nocolor.txt
sandwich-topic.txt examples/sandwich-topic.txt I have discovered a truly marvelous proof that it is impossible to separate a sandwich into two cubes, or four sandwiches into two fourth of a sandwich, or in general, any sandwich larger than the second into two like sandwiches. This text file is… examples/ Example drush command.
sandwich.txt examples/sandwich.txt  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . .:8…
scratch.php commands/core/scratch.php commands/core/ commands/core/ Shell alias commands.
shellaliases.html docs/shellaliases.html
shellAliasTest.php tests/shellAliasTest.php