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File name Location Namespacesort descending Description
outputFormatUnitTest.php tests/outputFormatUnitTest.php Tests for commands/core/outputformat/ commands/core/ Add system notifications as a new drush option.
druplicon-no_color.txt misc/druplicon-no_color.txt .,. .cd:.. .xXd,,'.. …
druplicon-color.txt misc/druplicon-color.txt                          … commands/core/ Show Druplicon ASCII art at the end of any request which has --druplicon on it.
tablesUnitTest.php tests/tablesUnitTest.php Unit tests for table formatting.
outputFormatTest.php tests/outputFormatTest.php Tests for
roleTest.php tests/roleTest.php Tests for
output-formats.html docs/output-formats.html
DrushRole.php classes/DrushRole.php includes/ The drush engines API implementation and helpers. commands/pm/ pm-updatestatus command implementation. commands/core/ commands/core/ Core drush output formats. commands/core/outputformat/