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File namesort ascending Location Namespace Description includes/ Drush cache API commands/core/ commands/pm/version_control/ Drush pm Bazaar extension commands/core/ includes/ Drush bootstrapping code.
bootstrap.html docs/bootstrap.html commands/core/drupal/ Drupal 6 engine for the Batch API
batchTest.php tests/batchTest.php Tests the drush batch subsystem. includes/ Drush batch API. commands/core/drupal/ Drupal 7 engine for the Batch API
bastion.html docs/bastion.html commands/pm/version_control/ Drush pm directory copy backup extension
backendTest.php tests/backendTest.php We choose to test the backend system in two parts. - Origin. These tests assure that we are generate a proper ssh command when a backend invoke is needed. - Target. These tests assure that drush generates a delimited JSON array … includes/ Drush backend API
archiveDumpTest.php tests/archiveDumpTest.php Tests for archive-dump and archive-restore @group commands commands/core/ An early implementation of Site Archive dump/restore. See