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File namesort descending Location Namespace Description commands/core/ An early implementation of Site Archive dump/restore. See
archiveDumpTest.php tests/archiveDumpTest.php Unish includes/ Drush backend API
backendTest.php tests/backendTest.php Unish
backendUnitTest.php tests/backendUnitTest.php Unish commands/pm/version_control/ Drush pm directory copy backup extension
BaseBoot.php lib/Drush/Boot/BaseBoot.php Drush\Boot commands/core/drupal/ Drupal 7 engine for the Batch API includes/ Drush batch API.
batchTest.php tests/batchTest.php Unish commands/core/drupal/ Drupal 6 engine for the Batch API
Boot.php lib/Drush/Boot/Boot.php Drush\Boot tests/ Initialize a sandboxed environment. Starts with call unish_init() at bottom. includes/ commands/core/ commands/pm/version_control/ Drush pm Bazaar extension commands/core/ commands/core/drupal/ Engine for the cache commands. includes/ Drush cache API
cacheCommandTest.php tests/cacheCommandTest.php Unish
CacheInterface.php lib/Drush/Cache/CacheInterface.php Drush\Cache Definition of Drush\Cache\CacheInterface. commands/core/drupal/ Engine for the cache commands.
Caster.php lib/Drush/Psysh/Caster.php Drush\Psysh Contains \Drush\Psysh\Caster. commands/core/ includes/ The drush command engine.
Commandfiles.php lib/Drush/Command/Commandfiles.php Drush\Command Definition of Drush\Command\Commandfiles.
CommandfilesInterface.php lib/Drush/Command/CommandfilesInterface.php Drush\Command
commandSpecificTest.php tests/commandSpecificTest.php Unish
commandTest.php tests/commandTest.php Unish
CommandUnishTestCase.php tests/Unish/CommandUnishTestCase.php Unish
commandUnitTest.php tests/commandUnitTest.php Unish includes/ Provide completion output for shells. tests/ Commands and options for complete unit tests, to avoid relying on the ever-changing core command set.
completeTest.php tests/completeTest.php Unish tests/ commands/core/ Provides Configuration Management commands.
configPulltest.php tests/configPulltest.php Unish
configTest.php tests/configTest.php Unish includes/ The Drush context API implementation.
contextTest.php tests/contextTest.php Unish Assure that context API behaves as designed. Mostly implicitly tested, but we do have some edges that need explicit testing. * commands/core/ Core drush commands.
CoreExtensionFilter.php lib/Drush/Config/CoreExtensionFilter.php Drush\Config Definition of Drush\Config\StorageFilter.
coreTest.php tests/coreTest.php Unish
COVERAGE.txt tests/COVERAGE.txt COMMANDS ------------ pm-download: GOOD. need test for `pm-download --select` (hard to test; depends on state of project releases on d.o.) pm-updatecode: GOOD. pm-update: FAIR. Implicitly tested by pm-updatecode but updatedb not yet…
create_node_types.php tests/resources/create_node_types.php commands/core/outputformat/
d8-rs-router.php commands/runserver/d8-rs-router.php includes/ Wrappers to abstract database operations from Drupal version. commands/core/ Documentation commands providing various topics. commands/pm/ pm-download command implementation.