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Name Locationsort descending Description
_drush_sitealias_alias_list commands/core/ Return a list of all site aliases known to drush.
_drush_sitealias_site_list commands/core/ Return a list of all of the local sites at the current drupal root.
_drush_sitealias_all_list commands/core/ Return the list of all site aliases and all local sites.
_drush_sitealias_user_specified_list commands/core/ Return the list of sites (aliases or local) that the user specified on the command line. If none were specified, then all are returned.
drush_sitealias_print commands/core/ Print out the specified site aliases using the format specified.
_drush_sitealias_print_record commands/core/ Given a site alias name, print out a php-syntax representation of it.
_drush_sitealias_site_dir_to_uri commands/core/ Use heuristics to attempt to convert from a site directory to a URI. This function should only be used when the URI really is unknown, as the mapping is not perfect.
drush_core_pre_site_install commands/core/
drush_core_site_install commands/core/
drush_core_site_install_db_spec commands/core/
upgrade_drush_command commands/core/ Implement hook_drush_command().
upgrade_drush_help commands/core/ Implement hook_drush_help().
drush_upgrade_site_upgrade_validate commands/core/
drush_upgrade_site_upgrade commands/core/ A drush command callback.
drush_upgrade_fix_db_url commands/core/
variable_drush_help commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
variable_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
drush_variable_get commands/core/ Command callback. List your site's variables.
drush_variable_set commands/core/ Command callback. Set a variable.
drush_variable_delete commands/core/ Command callback. Delete a variable.
drush_variable_like commands/core/
drush_core_watchdog_delete commands/core/ Command callback.
core_watchdog_query commands/core/ Build a WHERE snippet based on given parameters.
core_watchdog_message_types commands/core/ Helper function to obtain the message types based on drupal version.
watchdog_drush_help commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
watchdog_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
drush_core_watchdog_list commands/core/ Command callback.
drush_core_watchdog_show commands/core/ Command callback.
drush_core_watchdog_show_one commands/core/ Print a watchdog message.
drush_core_watchdog_show_many commands/core/ Print a table of watchdog messages.
core_watchdog_format_result commands/core/ Format a watchdog database row.
package_handler_install_project commands/pm/package_handler/ Install a project.
package_handler_update_project commands/pm/package_handler/ Update a project (so far, only modules are supported).
drush_pm_cvs commands/pm/package_handler/ General CVS helper function
package_handler_install_project commands/pm/package_handler/ Install a project.
package_handler_update_project commands/pm/package_handler/ This is an alias of the install function, since they are identical
_drush_pm_sort_projects commands/pm/ Sort callback function for sorting projects First by type, second by package and third by name
pm_drush_help commands/pm/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
pm_drush_command commands/pm/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
drush_pm_list commands/pm/ Command callback. Show a list of modules and status.
drush_pm_enable commands/pm/ Command callback. Enable one or more projects.
drush_pm_disable commands/pm/ Command callback. Disable one or more projects.
drush_pm_get_projects commands/pm/ Wrapper of drupal_get_projects() with additional information used by pm- commands.
drush_pm_classify_projects commands/pm/ Classify projects in modules, themes or unknown ones.
drush_pm_info commands/pm/ Command callback. Show detailed info for one or more projects.
_drush_pm_info_project commands/pm/ Return a string with general info of a project (module or theme).
_drush_pm_info_module commands/pm/ Return a string with info of a module.
_drush_pm_info_theme commands/pm/ Return a string with info of a theme.
_drush_pm_expand_projects commands/pm/ Add sub projects that match project_name*.
drush_pm_uninstall commands/pm/ Command callback. Uninstall one or more modules. // TODO: Use drupal_execute on system_modules_uninstall_confirm_form so that input is validated.