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Name Locationsort descending Description
drush_sql_get_table_selection commands/sql/
drush_sql_dump commands/sql/ Build a mysqldump statement.
drush_sql_build_dump_command commands/sql/
_drush_sql_get_table_list commands/sql/ Consult the specified options and return the list of tables specified.
drush_sql_query commands/sql/ Command callback. Executes the given SQL query on the Drupal database.
_drush_sql_query commands/sql/
drush_sql_cli commands/sql/
_drush_sql_get_db_spec commands/sql/ Get a database specification for the active DB connection. Honors the 'database' and 'target command' line options.
_drush_sql_get_spec_from_options commands/sql/
drush_sql_dump_file commands/sql/ Determine where to store an sql dump file. This function is called by sql-sync if the caller did not explicitly specify a dump file to use.
_drush_sql_get_scheme commands/sql/
_drush_sql_get_credentials commands/sql/ Build a fragment containing credentials and mysql-connection parameters.
_drush_sql_get_invalid_url_msg commands/sql/
drush_sql_sync commands/sql/
_drush_sql_sync commands/sql/
hook_drush_init ./drush.api.php Take action before any command is run. Logging an error stops command execution.
drush_hook_COMMAND_validate ./drush.api.php Run before a specific command executes.
drush_hook_pre_COMMAND ./drush.api.php Run before a specific command executes. Logging an error stops command execution.
drush_hook_COMMAND ./drush.api.php Implementation of the actual drush command.
drush_hook_post_COMMAND ./drush.api.php Run after a specific command executes. Logging an error stops command execution.
hook_drush_exit ./drush.api.php Take action after any command is run.
hook_drush_pm_post_download ./drush.api.php Take action after a project has been downloaded.
hook_pm_post_update ./drush.api.php Take action after a project has been updated.
hook_drush_pm_adjust_download_destination ./drush.api.php Adjust the location that a project should be downloaded to.
drush_verify_cli ./drush.php Verify that we are running PHP through the command line interface.
drush_main ./drush.php The main Drush function.
drush_shutdown ./drush.php Shutdown function for use while Drupal is bootstrapping and to return any registered errors.
drush_return_status ./drush.php
drush_drupal_login ./drush.php Log the given user in to a bootstrapped Drupal site.
sandwich_drush_command examples/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
sandwich_drush_help examples/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
drush_sandwich_make_me_a_sandwich_validate examples/
drush_sandwich_make_me_a_sandwich examples/ Example drush command callback. This is where the action takes place.
drush_backend_set_result includes/
drush_backend_get_result includes/
drush_backend_output includes/
drush_backend_parse_output includes/ Parse output returned from a Drush command.
_drush_backend_integrate includes/ Integrate log messages and error statuses into the current process.
_drush_proc_open includes/ Call an external command using proc_open.
drush_backend_invoke includes/ Invoke a drush backend command.
drush_backend_invoke_args includes/
_drush_backend_invoke includes/ Create a new pipe with proc_open, and attempt to parse the output.
_drush_backend_generate_command includes/ Generate a command to execute.
drush_backend_fork includes/ A small utility function to call a drush command in the background.
_drush_backend_argument_string includes/ Map the options to a string containing all the possible arguments and options.
_drush_escape_option includes/ Return a properly formatted and escaped command line option
_drush_backend_get_stdin includes/ Read options fron STDIN during POST requests.
drush_backend_batch_process includes/ Process a Drupal batch by spawning multiple Drush processes.
drush_batch_command includes/ Process sets from the specified batch.
drush_parse_args includes/ Parse console arguments.