Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort ascending Location Description
drush_db_result includes/ A db_result() that works consistently for any version of Drupal.
drush_db_fetch_object includes/ A db_fetch_object() that works for any version of Drupal.
drush_db_delete includes/ A db_delete() that works for any version of Drupal.
drush_cwd includes/ Returns the current working directory.
drush_core_watchdog_show_one commands/core/ Print a watchdog message.
drush_core_watchdog_show_many commands/core/ Print a table of watchdog messages.
drush_core_watchdog_show commands/core/ Command callback.
drush_core_watchdog_list commands/core/ Command callback.
drush_core_watchdog_delete commands/core/ Command callback.
drush_core_updatedb_batch_process commands/core/ Process outstanding updates during updatedb.
drush_core_updatedb commands/core/ Command handler. Execute update.php code from drush.
drush_core_status commands/core/ Command callback. Provides a birds-eye view of the current Drupal installation.
drush_core_site_install_db_spec commands/core/
drush_core_site_install commands/core/
drush_core_search_status commands/core/
drush_core_search_reindex commands/core/
drush_core_search_index commands/core/
drush_core_rsync commands/core/ Entrypoint for drush rsync.
drush_core_pre_site_install commands/core/
drush_core_php_script commands/core/ Command callback. Runs "naked" php scripts.
drush_core_php_eval commands/core/
drush_core_help commands/core/ This is called if no command or an unknown command is entered.
drush_core_find_project_path commands/core/
drush_core_drupal_directory commands/core/
drush_core_cron commands/core/ Command callback. Runs cron hooks.
drush_core_cli commands/core/
drush_core_call_rsync commands/core/ Make a direct call to rsync after the source and destination paths have been evaluated.
drush_core_cache_clear commands/core/ Command callback for drush cache-clear.
drush_core_batch_process commands/core/ Process sets from the specified batch.
drush_convert_db_from_db_url includes/ Convert from an old-style database URL to an array of database settings
drush_context_names includes/ Return a list of the valid drush context names.
drush_confirm includes/ Ask the user a basic yes/no question.
drush_command_invoke_all_ref includes/
drush_command_invoke_all includes/ Invoke a hook in all available command files that implement it.
drush_command_include includes/ Conditionally include files based on the command used.
drush_command_implements includes/ Determine which command files are implementing a hook.
drush_command_hook includes/ Determine whether a command file implements a hook.
drush_command_default_options includes/ Conditionally include default options based on the command used.
drush_commandfile_list includes/ Collect a list of all available drush command files.
drush_command includes/ Entry point for commands into the drush_invoke API
drush_cmp_error includes/ Check if a specific error status has been set.
drush_choice includes/ Ask the user to select an item from a list. From a provided associative array, drush_choice will display all of the questions, numbered from 1 to N, and return the item the user selected. "0" is always cancel; entering a blank line is also…
drush_check_module_dependencies commands/core/drupal/ Return dependencies and its status for modules.
drush_check_module_dependencies commands/core/drupal/ Return dependencies and its status for modules.
drush_check_module_dependencies commands/core/drupal/ Return dependencies and its status for modules.
drush_cache_clear_types commands/core/
drush_cache_clear_theme_registry commands/core/
drush_cache_clear_css_js commands/core/
drush_bootstrap_value includes/ Helper function to store any context settings that are being validated.
drush_bootstrap_validate includes/ Validate whether a bootstrap phases can be reached.