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_drush_sql_drop commands/sql/
drush_sql_cli commands/sql/
drush_sql_sanitize commands/sql/ Command callback. Run's the sanitization operations on the current database.
_drush_sql_get_db_spec commands/sql/ Get a database specification for the active DB connection. Honors the 'database' and 'target command' line options. If not in a Drupal site, honors a --db-url option.
_drush_sql_get_all_db_specs commands/sql/
_drush_sql_get_spec_from_options commands/sql/
drush_sql_dump_file commands/sql/ Determine where to store an sql dump file. This function is called by sql-sync if the caller did not explicitly specify a dump file to use.
_drush_sql_get_scheme commands/sql/
_drush_sql_get_credentials commands/sql/ Build a fragment containing credentials and mysql-connection parameters.
_drush_sql_get_invalid_url_msg commands/sql/
drush_sql_register_post_sync_op commands/sql/ Call from a pre-sql-sync hook to register an sql query to be executed in the post-sql-sync hook.
_drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages commands/sql/ Builds a confirmation message for all post-sync operations.
drush_sql_show_tables_pgsql commands/sql/
drush_sql_empty_db commands/sql/
drush_sql_read_db_spec commands/sql/ Return a db_spec based on supplied db_url/db_prefix options or an existing settings.php.
drush_sql_su commands/sql/
drush_sql_build_createdb_sql commands/sql/
drush_sql_build_exec commands/sql/
drush_sql_sync_init commands/sql/ Sql sync init function. Bootstrap either the source or the destination site. At least one of the sites must be local for this to work; if both sites are remote, then it clearly will not be possible to bootstrap to either of them. If both are local,…
sql_drush_sql_sync_sanitize commands/sql/ Sql sync sanitization function. This hook function will sanitize usernames and passwords in the user table when the --sanitize option is used. It is also an example of how to write a database sanitizer for sql sync.
drush_sql_sync commands/sql/
drush_sql_post_sql_sync commands/sql/ Apply all post-sync operations that were registered in any pre-sync hook. Follow the pattern of this function to make your own post-sync hook. If changing the database, be sure to also include a pre-sync hook to notify the user of the change that will…
user_drush_help commands/user/
user_drush_command commands/user/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
drush_user_information commands/user/ Prints information about the specified user(s).
drush_user_block commands/user/ Block the specified user(s).
drush_user_unblock commands/user/ Unblock the specified user(s).
drush_user_add_role commands/user/ Add a role to the specified user accounts.
drush_user_remove_role commands/user/ Remove a role from the specified user accounts.
drush_user_create commands/user/ Creates a new user account.
drush_user_cancel commands/user/ Cancels a user account.
drush_user_password commands/user/ Sets the password for the account with the given username
drush_user_login commands/user/ Displays a one time login link for the given user.
_drush_user_print_info commands/user/ Print information about a given uid
_drush_user_get_users_from_arguments commands/user/ Given a comma-separated list of users, return uids for users that match either by uid or email address.
_drush_user_get_users_from_options_and_arguments commands/user/ Return the list of matching uids given
_drush_user_get_uid commands/user/ Get uid(s) from a uid, user name, or email address. Returns a uid, or FALSE if none found.
hook_drush_command docs/drush.api.php @file Documentation of the Drush API.
hook_drush_init docs/drush.api.php Take action before any command is run. Logging an error stops command execution.
drush_COMMAND_init docs/drush.api.php Initialize a command prior to validation. If a command needs to bootstrap to a higher level, this is best done in the command init hook. It is permisible to bootstrap in any hook, but note that if bootstrapping adds more commandfiles (*…
drush_hook_COMMAND_validate docs/drush.api.php Run before a specific command executes.
drush_hook_pre_COMMAND docs/drush.api.php Run before a specific command executes. Logging an error stops command execution.
drush_hook_COMMAND docs/drush.api.php Implementation of the actual drush command.
drush_hook_post_COMMAND docs/drush.api.php Run after a specific command executes. Logging an error stops command execution.
hook_drush_exit docs/drush.api.php Take action after any command is run.
hook_drush_load docs/drush.api.php
hook_drush_pm_post_download docs/drush.api.php Take action after a project has been downloaded.
hook_pm_post_update docs/drush.api.php Take action after a project has been updated.
hook_drush_pm_download_destination_alter docs/drush.api.php Adjust the location that a project should be copied to after being downloaded.
hook_drush_upgrade_project_map_alter docs/drush.api.php Add information to the upgrade project map; this information will be shown to the user when upgrading Drupal to the next major version if the module containing this hook is enabled.