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drush_pm_updatecode_validate commands/pm/ Validate callback for updatecode command. Abort if 'backup' directory exists.
drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode commands/pm/ Post-command callback for updatecode.
drush_pm_updatecode_postupdate commands/pm/ Command callback. Execute updatecode-postupdate.
pm_parse_arguments commands/pm/ Sanitize user provided arguments to several pm commands.
pm_parse_project_version commands/pm/ Parse out the project name and version and return as a structured array.
pm_drush_engine_type_info commands/pm/ Implementation of hook_drush_engine_type_info().
pm_drush_engine_package_handler commands/pm/ Used by dl and updatecode commands to determine how to download/checkout new projects and acquire updates to projects.
pm_drush_engine_release_info commands/pm/ Used by dl and updatecode commands to determine how to download/checkout new projects and acquire updates to projects.
pm_drush_engine_version_control commands/pm/ Integration with VCS in order to easily commit your changes to projects.
drush_pm_include_version_control commands/pm/ A simple factory function that tests for version control systems, in a user specified order, and returns the one that appears to be appropriate for a specific directory.
drush_pm_update_lock commands/pm/ Update the locked status of all of the candidate projects to be updated.
_drush_pm_extension_cache_file commands/pm/ Returns the path to the extensions cache file.
_drush_pm_get_extension_cache commands/pm/ Load the extensions cache.
drush_pm_lookup_extension_in_cache commands/pm/ Lookup an extension in the extensions cache.
drush_pm_put_extension_cache commands/pm/ Persists extensions cache.
drush_pm_cache_project_extensions commands/pm/ Store extensions founds within a project in extensions cache.
drush_pm_extensions_in_project commands/pm/ Print out all extensions (modules/themes/profiles) found in specified project.
drush_find_empty_directories commands/pm/ Return an array of empty directories.
drush_pm_inject_info_file_metadata commands/pm/ Inject metadata into all .info files for a given project.
updatexml_specific_release_version commands/pm/release_info/ Pick a specific version from XML list.
updatexml_dev_release commands/pm/release_info/ Pick the first dev release from XML list.
updatexml_most_appropriate_release commands/pm/release_info/ Pick most appropriate release from XML list.
updatexml_best_release_found commands/pm/release_info/ Given a list of candidate releases, return the best one. This will be the first stable release if there are stable releases; otherwise, it will be any available release.
release_info_fetch commands/pm/release_info/ Obtain the most appropiate release for the requested project.
release_info_get_releases commands/pm/release_info/ Obtain releases info for given requests and fill in status information.
release_info_check_project commands/pm/release_info/ Check if a project is available in a update service.
release_info_print_releasenotes commands/pm/release_info/ Prints release notes for given projects.
_release_info_compare_date commands/pm/release_info/ Helper function for release_info_filter_releases().
release_info_filter_releases commands/pm/release_info/ Filter a list of releases.
updatexml_parse_release commands/pm/release_info/ No longer used by Drush core. Called by tests in releaseInfoTest.php. See equivalent logic in release_info_fetch.
updatexml_get_release_history_xml commands/pm/release_info/ Download the release history xml for the specified request.
updatexml_get_releases_from_xml commands/pm/release_info/ Obtain releases for a project's xml as returned by the update service.
updatexml_determine_project_type commands/pm/release_info/ Determine a project type from its update service xml.
updatexml_get_url commands/pm/release_info/
drush_pm_updatecode commands/pm/ Command callback. Displays update status info and allows to update installed projects.
_pm_update_core commands/pm/ Update drupal core, following interactive confirmation from the user.
_pm_update_move_files commands/pm/ Move some files from one location to another.
pm_update_packages commands/pm/ Update projects according to an array of releases and print the release notes for each project, following interactive confirmation from the user.
pm_update_project commands/pm/ Update one project -- a module, theme or Drupal core.
pm_update_complete commands/pm/ Run the post-update hooks after updatecode is complete for one project.
drush_pm_updatecode_rollback commands/pm/ Rollback the update process.
drush_pm_updatestatus commands/pm/ Command callback. Displays update status info of installed projects.
pm_release_recommended commands/pm/ Set a release to a recommended version (if available), and set as updateable.
pm_get_release commands/pm/ Get the a best release match for a requested update.
pm_project_filter commands/pm/ Filter projects based on verbosity level and $security_only flag.
pm_update_filter commands/pm/update_info/ Returns a human readable message based on update status of a project.
pm_update_last_check commands/pm/update_info/
_pm_refresh commands/pm/update_info/ Command callback. Refresh update status information.
_pm_get_update_info commands/pm/update_info/ Get update information for all installed projects.
pm_update_filter commands/pm/update_info/ Returns a human readable message based on update status of a project.