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Namesort ascending Location Description
dt includes/ Rudimentary replacement for Drupal API t() function.
drush_xkcd_fetch examples/ Example drush command callback. This is where the action takes place.
drush_xkcd_display examples/ Retrieve and display a table of metadata for an XKCD cartoon, then retrieve and display the cartoon using a specified image viewer.
drush_wrap_with_quotes includes/ Make an attempt to simply wrap the arg with the kind of quote characters it does not already contain. If it contains both kinds, then this function reverts to drush_escapeshellarg.
drush_version_control_reserved_files includes/ Return a list of VCSs reserved files and directories.
drush_verify_cli includes/ Verify that we are running PHP through the command line interface.
drush_var_export includes/ Drupal-friendly var_export(). Taken from in Drupal 8.
drush_variable_set commands/core/ Command callback. Set a variable.
drush_variable_name_adjust commands/core/
drush_variable_like commands/core/
drush_variable_get commands/core/ Command callback. List your site's variables.
drush_variable_delete commands/core/ Command callback. Delete a variable.
drush_valid_drupal_root includes/ Checks whether given path qualifies as a Drupal root.
drush_valid_db_credentials includes/ Tests the currently loaded database credentials to ensure a database connection can be made.
drush_user_unblock commands/user/ Unblock the specified user(s).
drush_user_remove_role commands/user/ Remove a role from the specified user accounts.
drush_user_password commands/user/ Sets the password for the account with the given username
drush_user_login commands/user/ Displays a one time login link for the given user.
drush_user_information commands/user/ Prints information about the specified user(s).
drush_user_create commands/user/ Creates a new user account.
drush_user_cancel commands/user/ Cancels a user account.
drush_user_block commands/user/ Block the specified user(s).
drush_user_add_role commands/user/ Add a role to the specified user accounts.
drush_user_abort includes/ Exit due to user declining a confirmation prompt.
drush_usage_show commands/core/
drush_usage_send commands/core/
drush_update_finished commands/core/drupal/
drush_update_finished commands/core/drupal/
drush_update_do_one commands/core/drupal/ Perform one update and store the results which will later be displayed on the finished page.
drush_update_do_one commands/core/drupal/ Perform one update and store the results which will later be displayed on the finished page.
drush_update_batch commands/core/drupal/ Start the database update batch process.
drush_update_batch commands/core/drupal/ Start the database update batch process.
drush_unset_recursive includes/ Unset the named key anywhere in the provided data structure.
drush_unset_option includes/ Remove a setting from a specific context.
drush_unit_return_options tests/
drush_unit_return_argv tests/
drush_unit_pre_unit_invoke_rollback tests/
drush_unit_pre_unit_invoke tests/
drush_unit_post_unit_invoke_rollback tests/
drush_unit_post_unit_invoke tests/
drush_unit_invoke_validate_rollback tests/ The final invoke hook. Emit the call history. Cannot use 'exit' as it does not fire in rollback scenario.
drush_unit_invoke_validate tests/
drush_unit_invoke_primary tests/
drush_unit_invoke_init tests/
drush_unit_batch tests/ Command callback.
drush_trim_path includes/ Remove the trailing DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR from a path. Will actually remove either / or \ on Windows.
drush_topic_core_topic commands/core/ A command callback.
drush_theme_get_default includes/ Return the default theme.
drush_theme_get_admin includes/ Return the administration theme.
drush_theme_enable commands/core/drupal/ Enable a list of themes.