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Name Locationsort ascending Description
drush_unit_return_argv tests/
drush_unit_return_options tests/
_drush_unit_batch_finished tests/
_drush_unit_batch_operation tests/
drush_unit_batch tests/ Command callback.
unit_invoke_log tests/
drush_unit_invoke_validate_rollback tests/ The final invoke hook. Emit the call history. Cannot use 'exit' as it does not fire in rollback scenario.
drush_unit_post_unit_invoke tests/
unit_drush_init tests/
drush_unit_post_unit_invoke_rollback tests/
drush_unit_pre_unit_invoke_rollback tests/
drush_unit_invoke_primary tests/
drush_unit_pre_unit_invoke tests/
drush_unit_invoke_validate tests/
drush_unit_invoke_init tests/
unit_drush_command tests/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
example_install_configure_form_submit tests/resources/example.profile
example_form_alter tests/resources/example.profile
example_profile_modules tests/resources/example.profile
example_profile_details tests/resources/example.profile
magic_drush_help_alter tests/hooks/magic_help_alter/ Implement hook_drush_help_alter()
completetestsite_drush_command tests/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
completetest_completetest_noop_complete tests/ Command argument complete callback.
drush_completetest_noop tests/
completetest_drush_command tests/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
unish_delete_dir_contents tests/ Deletes the contents of a directory.
unish_file_delete_recursive tests/ Deletes the specified file or directory and everything inside it.
unish_init tests/ Initialize our environment at the start of each run (i.e. suite).
drush_sitealias_site_clear includes/ Un-set the currently use'd site alias.
drush_sitealias_get_root includes/ Return the site root, if there is one in the record.
drush_sitealias_quick_lookup_cached_alias_by_path includes/ Look for a cached alias that points to the specified site directory. Nothing is returned if there is no matching cached alias.
drush_sitealias_lookup_alias_by_path includes/ Look for a defined alias that points to the specified site directory. The cache is tested first; if nothing is cached, then an exhaustive search is done for the specified site. If the exhaustive search returns a match, then it is cached.
drush_sitealias_cache_alias_by_path includes/ Cache the specified alias in the alias path cache. The alias path cache creates a lookup from the site folder (/path/to/drupal/sites/default) to the provided alias record.
drush_sitealias_get_envar_filename includes/ Returns the filename for the file that stores the DRUPAL_SITE variable.
drush_sitealias_site_get includes/ Read the tmp file where the persistent site setting is stored.
drush_get_special_keys includes/ Helper function to obtain the keys' names that need special handling in certain cases.
sitealias_find_local_drupal_root includes/
drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys includes/ Option keys used for site selection.
drush_sitealias_evaluate_path includes/ Evaluate a path from its shorthand form to a literal path usable by rsync.
drush_sitealias_evaluate_paths_in_options includes/ Given a properly-escaped options string, replace any occurance of %files and so on embedded inside it with its corresponding path.
_drush_sitealias_preflight_path includes/ Call prior to drush_sitealias_evaluate_path to insure that any site-specific aliases associated with any local site in $path are defined.
drush_sitealias_set_alias_context includes/ Given a site alias record, copy selected fields from it into the drush 'alias' context. The 'alias' context has lower precedence than the 'cli' context, so values set by an alias record can be overridden by…
drush_sitealias_get_path_option includes/ First return an option set via drush_sitealias_overlay_options, if any, then fall back on "%" . $option from the path aliases.
drush_sitealias_overlay_options includes/ Given an alias record, overwrite its values with options from the command line and other drush contexts as specified by the provided prefix. For example, if the prefix is 'source-', then any option 'source-foo' will set the value…
_drush_sitealias_set_context_by_name includes/ Looks up the specified alias record and calls through to drush_sitealias_set_alias_context, below.
_drush_sitealias_set_record_element includes/ Utility function used by drush_get_alias; keys that start with '%' or '!' are path aliases, the rest are entries in the alias record.
drush_sitealias_convert_db_from_db_url includes/ Convert from an old-style database URL to an array of database settings
drush_convert_db_from_db_url includes/ Convert from an old-style database URL to an array of database settings.
drush_sitealias_uri_to_site_dir includes/ Convert from a URI to a site directory.
drush_sitealias_site_dir_from_filename includes/ Pull the site directory from the path to settings.php