Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort ascending Location Description
_drush_pm_info_module commands/pm/ Return an array with info of a module.
_drush_pm_info_format_table_data commands/pm/ Output format formatter-filter callback.
_drush_pm_info_extension commands/pm/ Return an array with general info of an extension.
_drush_pm_get_extension_cache commands/pm/ Load the extensions cache.
_drush_pm_generate_info_yaml_metadata commands/pm/ Generate version information for `.info` files in YAML format.
_drush_pm_generate_info_ini_metadata commands/pm/ Generate version information for `.info` files in ini format.
_drush_pm_find_common_path commands/pm/ Helper function to find the common path for a list of extensions in the aim to obtain the project name.
_drush_pm_extension_cache_file commands/pm/ Returns the path to the extensions cache file.
_drush_pm_expand_extensions commands/pm/ Add extensions that match extension_name*.
_drush_pm_disable commands/core/drupal/ Command callback. Disable one or more extensions.
_drush_pm_disable commands/core/drupal/ Command callback. Drupal 8 does not support disabled modules.
_drush_php_ini_loaded_file_message includes/ Returns a localizable message about php.ini that varies depending on whether the php_ini_loaded_file() is available or not.
_drush_make_generate_projects commands/make/ Generate the $projects makefile array for the current site.
_drush_make_generate_makefile_contents commands/make/ Generate the actual contents of the .make file.
_drush_make_generate_makefile_body commands/make/
_drush_make_generate_lines commands/make/ Utility function to generate the line or lines for a key/value pair in the make file.
_drush_make_generate_get_version_options commands/make/ Create the $version_options array from the --include-versions and --exclude-versions command line options.
_drush_make_generate_defaults commands/make/
_drush_make_generate_add_patch_files commands/make/ Record any patches that were applied to this project per information stored in PATCHES.txt.
_drush_log_update_sql includes/ Log the return value of Drupal hook_update_n functions.
_drush_log_drupal_messages includes/ Turn drupal_set_message errors into drush_log errors
_drush_log includes/ Call the default logger, or the user's log callback, as appropriate.
_drush_is_url includes/ Check whether the given path is just a url or a local path
_drush_is_drush_shebang_script includes/ Check to see if the provided script file is a "#!/usr/bin/env drush" "shebang" script line.
_drush_is_drush_shebang_line includes/ Check to see if the provided line is a "#!/usr/bin/env drush" "shebang" script line.
_drush_invoke_hooks includes/ Invoke Drush API calls, including all hooks.
_drush_image_derive commands/core/drupal/
_drush_image_derive commands/core/drupal/
_drush_help_sort_command_options commands/core/ Sort command options alphabetically. Engine options at the end.
_drush_help_merge_subcommand_information commands/core/ Check to see if the specified command contains an 'allow-additional-options' record. If it does, find the additional options that are allowed, and add in the help text for the options of all of the sub-commands.
_drush_get_os includes/ Return the OS we are running under.
_drush_get_option includes/ Helper function to recurse through possible option names
_drush_get_command_options includes/ Return the list of all of the options for the given command record by merging the 'options' and 'sub-options' records.
_drush_generate_validate_repo_location commands/make/ If the user has checked in the Drupal root, or the 'sites/all/modules' folder into a git repository, then we do not want to confuse that location with a "project".
_drush_generate_track_version commands/make/ Helper function to determine if a given project is to have its version tracked.
_drush_generate_makefile_check_path commands/make/ Helper function to check for a non-default installation location.
_drush_generate_custom_project commands/make/ Create a project record for an extension not downloaded from
_drush_format_table includes/
_drush_format_help_subsection commands/core/ Format one named portion of a subsection from a command record. Subsections allow related parts of a help record to be grouped together. For example, in the 'options' section, sub-options that are related to a particular primary option are…
_drush_format_config_changes_table commands/core/ Print a table of config changes.
_drush_flatten_options includes/ Return the array keys of $options, plus any 'short-form' representations that may appear in the option's value.
_drush_find_local_sites_in_sites_folder includes/ Return a list of all of the local sites at the specified 'sites' folder.
_drush_find_local_sites_at_root includes/ Return a list of all of the local sites at the specified drupal root.
_drush_find_commandfiles_drush includes/
_drush_find_commandfiles includes/
_drush_file_public_path commands/core/drupal/
_drush_file_public_path commands/core/drupal/
_drush_file_public_path commands/core/drupal/
_drush_file_private_path commands/core/drupal/
_drush_file_private_path commands/core/drupal/