Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
_pm_download_destination commands/pm/ Returns the best destination for a particular download type we can find.
_pm_download_destination_lookup commands/pm/ Determines a candidate destination directory for a particular site path.
_pm_parse_version_compound commands/pm/ Build a version string from an array of major, minor and extra parts.
_pm_parse_version_decompound commands/pm/ Decompound a version string and returns major, minor, patch and extra parts.
_pm_update_core commands/pm/ Update drupal core, following interactive confirmation from the user.
_pm_update_move_files commands/pm/ Move some files from one location to another.
_sitealias_array_merge includes/ Merges two site aliases.
_update_batch_command commands/core/drupal/
_update_batch_command commands/core/drupal/
_update_batch_command commands/core/drupal/
_update_do_one commands/core/drupal/ A simplified version of the batch_do_one function from update.php
_views_drush_op commands/core/ Perform operations on view objects.
_views_drush_op_types commands/core/ Returns an array of op types that can be performed on views.
_views_drush_view_is_disabled commands/core/ Returns whether a view is disabled.
_views_drush_view_is_enabled commands/core/ Returns whether a view is enabled.