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Name Locationsort descending Description
update_extra_requirements commands/core/drupal/ Returns (and optionally stores) extra requirements that only apply during particular parts of the update.php process.
drush_update_do_one commands/core/drupal/ Perform one update and store the results which will later be displayed on the finished page.
update_check_requirements commands/core/drupal/ Check update requirements and report any errors.
update_main_prepare commands/core/drupal/
update_main commands/core/drupal/
_update_batch_command commands/core/drupal/
drush_update_batch commands/core/drupal/ Start the database update batch process.
drush_update_finished commands/core/drupal/
updatedb_status commands/core/drupal/ Return a 2 item array with
druplicon_drush_help_alter commands/core/ Implements hook_drush_help_alter().
druplicon_drush_exit commands/core/ Implements hook_drush_exit().
field_drush_help commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
field_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
field_field_create_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_update_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_delete_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_clone_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_info_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_complete_field_names commands/core/ List field names for completion.
drush_field_create commands/core/
drush_field_ui_bundle_admin_path commands/core/
drush_field_update commands/core/
drush_field_delete commands/core/
drush_field_clone commands/core/
drush_field_info commands/core/
_drush_field_info_process_cell commands/core/ We need to handle the formatting of cells in table-format output specially. In 'types' output, the output data is a simple associative array of machine names => human-readable names. We choose to show the machine names. In…
drush_field_create_wizard commands/core/ Prompt user enough to create basic field and instance.
drush_field_get_entity_from_bundle commands/core/
drush_show_help commands/core/ Prints out help for a given command.
drush_print_help commands/core/ Print the help for a single command to the screen.
_drush_help_sort_command_options commands/core/ Sort command options alphabetically. Engine options at the end.
_drush_help_merge_subcommand_information commands/core/ Check to see if the specified command contains an 'allow-additional-options' record. If it does, find the additional options that are allowed, and add in the help text for the options of all of the sub-commands.
drush_format_help_section commands/core/ Format one named help section from a command record
_drush_format_help_subsection commands/core/ Format one named portion of a subsection from a command record. Subsections allow related parts of a help record to be grouped together. For example, in the 'options' section, sub-options that are related to a particular primary option are…
drush_help_section_formatter_options commands/core/ The options section formatter. Adds a "--" in front of each item label. Also handles short-form and example-value components in the help attributes.
drush_help_section_default_formatter commands/core/ The default section formatter. Replaces '[command]' with the command name.
drush_global_options_command commands/core/ Build a fake command for the purposes of showing examples and options.
drush_core_help commands/core/ Command callback for help command. This is the default command, when none other has been specified.
drush_help_visible commands/core/
drush_help_listing_print commands/core/ Print CLI table or HTML table listing all commands.
drush_help_categorize commands/core/ Organize commands into categories
drush_help_html_header commands/core/ Return an HTML page header.
drush_help_html_global_options commands/core/
drush_help_html_command_list commands/core/
drush_help_html commands/core/ Return an HTML page documenting all available commands and global options.
image_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
image_drush_help_alter commands/core/ Implements hook_drush_help_alter().
image_image_flush_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
drush_image_flush_pre_validate commands/core/
drush_image_flush commands/core/