Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
drush_has_boostrapped includes/ Determine whether a given bootstrap phase has been completed
drush_help_categorize commands/core/ Organize commands into categories
drush_help_html commands/core/ Return an HTML page documenting all available commands and global options.
drush_help_html_command_list commands/core/
drush_help_html_global_options commands/core/
drush_help_html_header commands/core/ Return an HTML page header.
drush_help_listing_print commands/core/ Print CLI table or HTML table listing all commands.
drush_help_section_default_formatter commands/core/ The default section formatter. Replaces '[command]' with the command name.
drush_help_section_formatter_options commands/core/ The options section formatter. Adds a "--" in front of each item label. Also handles short-form and example-value components in the help attributes.
drush_help_visible commands/core/
drush_hide_empty_fields includes/ Hide any fields that are empty
drush_hide_output_fields commands/core/ Specify that certain fields should not appear in the resulting output.
drush_hook_COMMAND ./drush.api.php Implementation of the actual drush command.
drush_hook_COMMAND_pre_validate ./drush.api.php Run before a specific command validates.
drush_hook_COMMAND_validate ./drush.api.php Run before a specific command executes.
drush_hook_post_COMMAND ./drush.api.php Run after a specific command executes.
drush_hook_pre_COMMAND ./drush.api.php Run before a specific command executes.
drush_hook_pre_pm_enable ./drush.api.php Automatically download project dependencies at pm-enable time.
drush_html_to_text includes/ Convert html to readable text. Compatible API to drupal_html_to_text, but less functional. Caller might prefer to call drupal_html_to_text if there is a bootstrapped Drupal site available.
drush_hyphenate_options includes/ Simple helper function to ensure options are properly hyphenated before we return them to the user (we match against the non-hyphenated versions internally).
drush_image_derive commands/core/
drush_image_derive_validate commands/core/
drush_image_flush commands/core/
drush_image_flush_pre_validate commands/core/
drush_image_flush_single commands/core/drupal/
drush_image_flush_single commands/core/drupal/
drush_image_styles commands/core/drupal/
drush_image_styles commands/core/drupal/
drush_image_style_load commands/core/drupal/
drush_image_style_load commands/core/drupal/
drush_include includes/ Include a file, selecting a version specific file if available.
drush_include_engine includes/ Include the engine code for a specific named engine of a certain type.
drush_invoke includes/ Invokes a Drush API call, including all hooks.
drush_invoke_process includes/ Invoke a command in a new process, targeting the site specified by the provided site alias record.
drush_is_absolute_path includes/ Determines whether the provided path is absolute or not on the specified O.S. -- starts with "/" on *nix, or starts with "[A-Z]:\" or "[A-Z]:/" on Windows.
drush_is_command includes/
drush_is_cygwin includes/ Check if the operating system is Winodws running some variant of cygwin -- either Cygwin or the MSYSGIT shell. If you care which is which, test mingw first.
drush_is_local_host includes/ Make a determination whether or not the given host is local or not.
drush_is_mingw includes/
drush_is_osx includes/ Check if the operating system is OS X. This will return TRUE for Mac OS X (Darwin).
drush_is_windows includes/ Check if the operating system is Windows. This will return TRUE under DOS, Powershell Cygwin and MSYSGIT shells, so test for the Windows variant FIRST if you care.
drush_json_decode includes/ Converts an HTML-safe JSON string into its PHP equivalent.
drush_json_encode includes/ Converts a PHP variable into its Javascript equivalent.
drush_key_value_to_array_table includes/ Convert an associative array of key : value pairs into a table suitable for processing by drush_print_table.
drush_latch_bootstrap_object includes/ Don't allow the bootstrap object to change once we start bootstrapping
drush_load_command_engine includes/ Selects and loads an engine implementing the given type.
drush_load_command_engines includes/ Include, instantiate and validate command engines.
drush_load_config includes/ Load drushrc files (if available) from several possible locations.
drush_load_config_file includes/
drush_load_engine includes/ Loads and validate an engine of the given type.