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drush_print_table includes/ Print a formatted table.
drush_format_table includes/ Format a table of data.
_drush_format_table includes/
drush_key_value_to_array_table includes/ Convert an associative array of key : value pairs into a table suitable for processing by drush_print_table.
drush_select_fields includes/ Select the fields that should be used.
drush_select_output_fields includes/ Select the fields from the input array that should be output.
drush_lookup_field_by_path includes/ Return a specific item inside an array, as identified by the provided path.
drush_output_get_selected_field includes/ Given a table array (an associative array of associative arrays), return an array of all of the values with the specified field name.
drush_hide_empty_fields includes/ Hide any fields that are empty
drush_rows_of_key_value_to_array_table includes/ Convert an array of data rows, where each row contains an associative array of key : value pairs, into a table suitable for processing by drush_print_table. The provided $header determines the order that the items will appear in the output. Only data…
drush_table_column_autowidth includes/ Determine the best fit for column widths.
drush_print_file includes/ Print the contents of a file.
drush_json_encode includes/ Converts a PHP variable into its Javascript equivalent.
drush_json_decode includes/ Converts an HTML-safe JSON string into its PHP equivalent.
drush_var_export includes/ Drupal-friendly var_export(). Taken from in Drupal 8.
drush_main includes/ The main Drush function.
drush_preflight_prepare includes/ Prepare Drush for preflight.
drush_preflight includes/ During the initialization of Drush, this is the first step where we load our configuration and commandfiles, and select the site we are going to operate on; however, we take no irreversible actions (e.g. site bootstrapping). This allows commands that…
drush_preflight_root includes/ If --root is provided, set context.
drush_preflight_site includes/
_drush_preflight_global_options includes/
_drush_preflight_base_environment includes/ Sets up basic environment that controls where Drush looks for files on a system-wide basis. Important to call for "early" functions that need to work with unit tests.
_drush_preflight_columns includes/
_drush_preflight_alias_path includes/
_drush_preflight_root_uri includes/
_drush_preflight_uri includes/ If --uri is provided, set context.
_drush_find_commandfiles_drush includes/
drush_preflight_command_dispatch includes/ Handle any command preprocessing that may need to be done, including potentially redispatching the command immediately (e.g. for remote commands).
drush_preflight_tilde_expansion includes/ Look for instances of arguments or parameters that start with "~/". Replace these with "$HOME/".
drush_postflight includes/ We set this context to let the shutdown function know we reached the end of drush_main().
drush_shutdown includes/ Shutdown function for use while Drush and Drupal are bootstrapping and to return any registered errors.
drush_coverage_shutdown includes/ Shutdown function to save code coverage data.
drush_return_status includes/
drush_sitealias_check_arg_and_site_set includes/ Check to see if the user specified an alias in an arguement, or via site-set. If so, return the name of the alias.
drush_sitealias_check_arg includes/ Check to see if the first command-line arg or the -l option is a site alias; if it is, copy its record values to the 'alias' context.
drush_sitealias_check_site_env includes/
drush_sitealias_create_self_alias includes/ Check to see if a '@self' record was created during bootstrap. If not, make one now.
drush_sitealias_simplify_names includes/ Given a list of alias records, shorten the name used if possible
drush_sitealias_resolve_sitespecs includes/ Given an array of site specifications, resolve each one in turn and return an array of alias records. If you only want a single record, it is preferable to simply call drush_sitealias_get_record directly.
drush_sitealias_valid_alias_format includes/ Returns TRUE if $alias is a valid format for an alias name.
drush_sitealias_get_record includes/ Get a site alias record given an alias name or site specification.
_drush_sitealias_get_record includes/ This is a continuation of drush_sitealias_get_record, above. It is not intended to be called directly.
drush_sitealias_add_to_alias_path includes/ Add a path to the array of paths where alias files are searched for.
drush_sitealias_alias_path includes/ Return the array of paths where alias files are searched for.
drush_sitealias_alias_base_directory includes/ If there is a directory 'site-aliases' in the specified search location, then search ONLY in that directory for aliases. Otherwise, search anywhere inside the specified directory for aliases.
drush_sitealias_local_site_path includes/ Return the full path to the site directory of the given alias record.
_drush_sitealias_load_alias includes/ Check and see if an alias definition for $alias is available. If it is, load it into the list of aliases cached in the 'site-aliases' context.
drush_sitealias_load_all includes/ Load every alias file that can be found anywhere in the alias search path.
_drush_sitealias_find_and_load_all_aliases includes/ Worker function called by _drush_sitealias_load_alias and drush_sitealias_load_all. Traverses the alias search path and finds the specified alias record.
_drush_sitealias_find_alias_files includes/ Function to find all alias files that might contain aliases that match the requested alias name.