Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort descending Location Description
drush_cache_clear_block commands/core/drupal/ Clear the cache of the block output.
drush_cache_clear_both commands/core/drupal/ Clear caches internal to Drush core and Drupal.
drush_cache_clear_css_js commands/core/drupal/
drush_cache_clear_css_js commands/core/drupal/
drush_cache_clear_drush commands/core/ Clear caches internal to drush core.
drush_cache_clear_menu commands/core/drupal/
drush_cache_clear_pre_validate commands/core/
drush_cache_clear_render commands/core/drupal/ Clears the render cache entries.
drush_cache_clear_router commands/core/drupal/
drush_cache_clear_theme_registry commands/core/drupal/
drush_cache_clear_theme_registry commands/core/drupal/
drush_cache_clear_types commands/core/ All types of caches available for clearing. Contrib commands can alter in their own.
drush_cache_command_clear commands/core/ Command callback for drush cache-clear.
drush_cache_command_get commands/core/ Print an object returned from the cache.
drush_cache_command_set commands/core/ Set an object in the cache.
drush_cache_get includes/ Return data from the persistent cache.
drush_cache_get_bins includes/ Return drush cache bins and any bins added by hook_drush_flush_caches().
drush_cache_get_multiple includes/ Return data from the persistent cache when given an array of cache IDs.
drush_cache_rebuild commands/core/ Rebuild a Drupal 8 site.
drush_cache_set includes/ Store data in the persistent cache.
drush_cache_set_prepare_data commands/core/
drush_call_user_func_array includes/ Mimic cufa but still call function directly. See
drush_check_module_dependencies commands/core/drupal/ Return dependencies and its status for modules.
drush_check_module_dependencies commands/core/drupal/ Return dependencies and its status for modules.
drush_choice includes/ Ask the user to select an item from a list. From a provided associative array, drush_choice will display all of the questions, numbered from 1 to N, and return the item the user selected. "0" is always cancel; entering a blank line is also…
drush_choice_multiple includes/ Ask the user to select multiple items from a list. This is a wrapper around drush_choice, that repeats the selection process, allowing users to toggle a number of items in a list. The number of values that can be constrained by both min and max: the…
drush_cid_install_profile includes/ Build a cache id to store the install_profile for a given site.
drush_clear_error includes/ Clear error context.
drush_cli_core_cli commands/core/ Command callback.
drush_cmp_error includes/ Check if a specific error status has been set.
drush_command includes/ Entry point for commands into the drush_invoke() API
drush_commandfile_list includes/ Collect a list of all available drush command files.
drush_commands_categorize includes/ Organize commands into categories. Used by help listing and core-cli.
drush_command_defaults includes/
drush_command_default_options includes/ Conditionally include default options based on the command used.
drush_command_get_command_specific_options includes/ Return all of the command-specific options defined in the given options set for the specified command name. Note that it is valid to use the command name alias rather than the primary command name, both in the parameter to this function, and in the…
drush_command_get_includes includes/
drush_command_hook includes/ Determine whether a command file implements a hook.
drush_command_implements includes/ Determine which command files are implementing a hook.
drush_command_include includes/ Conditionally include files based on the command used.
drush_COMMAND_init ./drush.api.php Initialize a command prior to validation.
drush_command_invoke_all includes/ Invoke a hook in all available command files that implement it.
drush_command_invoke_all_ref includes/ A drush_command_invoke_all() that wants the first parameter to be passed by reference.
drush_command_normalize_name includes/
drush_command_set_command_specific includes/
drush_command_set_command_specific_options includes/
drush_command_translate includes/ Translates description and other keys of a command definition.
drush_completetest_noop tests/
drush_complete_cache_cid includes/ Generate a cache id.
drush_complete_cache_clear includes/ Clears completion caches.