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Namesort descending Location Description
drush_init_dependency_injection_container includes/ Set up our dependency injection container.
drush_init_register_command_files includes/
drush_invoke includes/ Invokes a Drush API call, including all hooks.
drush_invoke_process includes/ Invoke a command in a new process, targeting the site specified by the provided site alias record.
drush_is_absolute_path includes/ Determines whether the provided path is absolute or not on the specified O.S. -- starts with "/" on *nix, or starts with "[A-Z]:\" or "[A-Z]:/" on Windows.
drush_is_command includes/
drush_is_cygwin includes/ Check if the operating system is Winodws running some variant of cygwin -- either Cygwin or the MSYSGIT shell. If you care which is which, test mingw first.
drush_is_local_host includes/ Make a determination whether or not the given host is local or not.
drush_is_mingw includes/
drush_is_nested_directory includes/ Return 'TRUE' if one directory is located anywhere inside the other.
drush_is_osx includes/ Check if the operating system is OS X. This will return TRUE for Mac OS X (Darwin).
drush_is_windows includes/ Determine whether current OS is a Windows variant.
drush_json_decode includes/ Converts an HTML-safe JSON string into its PHP equivalent.
drush_json_encode includes/ Converts a PHP variable into its Javascript equivalent.
drush_key_value_to_array_table includes/ Convert an associative array of key : value pairs into a table suitable for processing by drush_print_table.
drush_load_command_engine includes/ Selects and loads an engine implementing the given type.
drush_load_command_engines includes/ Include, instantiate and validate command engines.
drush_load_config includes/ Load drushrc files (if available) from several possible locations.
drush_load_config_file includes/
drush_load_engine includes/ Loads and validate an engine of the given type.
drush_locale_check commands/core/ Checks for available translation updates.
drush_locale_update commands/core/ Imports the available translation updates.
drush_locate_root includes/ Exhaustive depth-first search to try and locate the Drupal root directory. This makes it possible to run Drush from a subdirectory of the drupal root.
drush_log includes/ Add a log message to the log history.
drush_log_has_errors includes/
drush_lookup_field_by_path includes/ Return a specific item inside an array, as identified by the provided path.
drush_main includes/ The main Drush function.
drush_make commands/make/ Drush callback; make based on the makefile.
drush_make_convert commands/make/ Command callback; convert make file format.
drush_make_convert_composer_to_make commands/make/ Converts a composer.lock array into a traditional drush make array.
drush_make_convert_make_to_composer commands/make/ Converts a drush info array to a composer.json array.
drush_make_convert_make_to_yml commands/make/ Converts a drush info array to a YAML array.
drush_make_convert_project_to_composer commands/make/ Converts a make file project array into a composer project version string.
drush_make_generate commands/make/ Drush callback; generate makefile from the current build.
drush_make_lock commands/make/ Command callback for make-lock.
drush_make_pre_make commands/make/ Implements drush_hook_pre_COMMAND().
drush_make_process commands/make/ Drush callback: hidden file to process an individual project.
drush_make_resolve_git_branch commands/make/ Resolve branch for a git-based project.
drush_make_resolve_git_refs commands/make/ Resolve branches and revisions for git-based projects.
drush_make_resolve_git_revision commands/make/ Resolve revision for a git-based project.
drush_make_update commands/make/ Command callback for make-update.
drush_make_validate commands/make/ Validation callback for make command.
drush_map_assoc includes/ Form an associative array from a linear array.
drush_memory_limit includes/ Get the PHP memory_limit value in bytes.
drush_merge_engine_data includes/ Add command structure info from each engine type back into the command.
drush_mime_content_type includes/ Determines the MIME content type of the specified file.
drush_mkdir includes/ Cross-platform compatible helper function to recursively create a directory tree.
drush_module_dependents commands/core/drupal/ Return dependents of modules.
drush_module_dependents commands/core/drupal/ Return dependents of modules.
drush_module_disable commands/core/drupal/ Disable a list of modules. It is assumed the list contains all dependents not already disabled.