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Name Locationsort descending Description
config_config_pull_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
_drush_config_directories_complete commands/core/ Helper function for command argument complete callback.
_drush_config_names_complete commands/core/ Helper function for command argument complete callback.
core_drush_help commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
core_drush_help_alter commands/core/ Implements hook_drush_help_alter().
core_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
core_site_install_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
core_core_rsync_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
core_drush_engine_type_info commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_engine_type_info().
core_drush_engine_drupal commands/core/ Implements hook_drush_engine_ENGINE_TYPE().
drush_core_entity_updates commands/core/ Command handler. Apply pending entity schema updates.
drush_core_updatedb commands/core/ Command handler. Execute update.php code from drush.
drush_core_updatedb_status commands/core/ Command handler. List pending DB updates.
_core_site_credentials commands/core/
_core_path_aliases commands/core/
_core_site_status_table commands/core/
_drush_core_status_format_table_data commands/core/
drush_core_cron commands/core/ Command callback. Runs all cron hooks.
drush_core_config commands/core/ Command callback. Edit drushrc and alias files.
core_core_config_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
drush_core_config_load commands/core/
_drush_core_config_php_ini_files commands/core/
_drush_core_config_bash_files commands/core/
drush_core_requirements commands/core/ Command callback. Provides information from the 'Status Reports' admin page.
drush_core_status commands/core/ Command callback. Provides a birds-eye view of the current Drupal installation.
drush_core_global_options commands/core/
_drush_core_is_named_in_array commands/core/
drush_core_quick_drupal commands/core/ Callback for core-quick-drupal command.
_drush_core_qd_cache_uri commands/core/
drush_core_quick_drupal_options commands/core/ Include options and engines for core-quick-drupal command, aggregated from other command options that are available. We prefix option descriptons, to make the long list more navigable.
drush_core_php_script commands/core/ Command callback. Runs "naked" php scripts and drush "shebang" scripts ("#!/usr/bin/env drush").
drush_core_php_eval commands/core/
_drush_core_eval_shebang_script commands/core/ Evaluate a script that begins with #!drush php-script
drush_core_batch_process commands/core/ Process sets from the specified batch.
drush_core_updatedb_batch_process commands/core/ Process outstanding updates during updatedb.
_drush_core_directory commands/core/ Given a target (e.g. @site:%modules), return the evaluated directory path.
drush_core_drupal_directory commands/core/ Command callback.
drush_core_version commands/core/ Called for `drush version` or `drush --version`
drush_core_execute commands/core/ Command callback. Execute specified shell code. Often used by shell aliases that start with !.
drush_core_twig_compile commands/core/
_drush_core_execute_cmd commands/core/ Helper function for drush_core_execute: run one shell command
docs_drush_help commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
docs_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
drush_docs_errorcodes commands/core/ docs-errorcodes command. Print a list of all error codes that can be found.
_drush_docs_find_set_error_calls commands/core/ Search through a php source file looking for calls to the function drush_set_error. If found, and if the first parameter is an uppercase alphanumeric identifier, then record the error code and the error message in our table.
_drush_backend_batch_process commands/core/drupal/ Main loop for the Drush batch API.
_drush_batch_command commands/core/drupal/ Initialize the batch command and call the worker function.
_drush_batch_worker commands/core/drupal/ Process batch operations
_drush_batch_finished commands/core/drupal/ End the batch processing: Call the 'finished' callbacks to allow custom handling of results, and resolve page redirection.
_drush_batch_shutdown commands/core/drupal/ Shutdown function: store the batch data for next request, or clear the table if the batch is finished.