Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Locationsort descending Description
drush_hook_post_COMMAND ./drush.api.php Run after a specific command executes.
hook_drush_exit ./drush.api.php Take action after any command is run.
hook_drush_command_alter ./drush.api.php Adjust the contents of any command structure prior to dispatch.
hook_drush_sitealias_alter ./drush.api.php Adjust the contents of a site alias.
hook_drush_pm_post_download ./drush.api.php Take action after a project has been downloaded.
hook_pm_post_update ./drush.api.php Take action after a project has been updated.
hook_drush_pm_download_destination_alter ./drush.api.php Adjust the location a project should be copied to after being downloaded.
drush_hook_pre_pm_enable ./drush.api.php Automatically download project dependencies at pm-enable time.
hook_drush_sql_sync_sanitize ./drush.api.php Sql-sync sanitization example.
hook_drush_help_alter ./drush.api.php Add help components to a command.
hook_drush_cache_clear ./drush.api.php Add/edit options to cache-clear command.
hook_drush_engine_type_info ./drush.api.php Inform drush about one or more engine types.
hook_drush_engine_ENGINE_TYPE ./drush.api.php Inform drush about one or more engines implementing a given engine type.
hook_drush_invoke_alter ./drush.api.php Alter the order that hooks are invoked.
pm_update_pm_post_update examples/ Implements hook_pm_post_update().
drush_policy_sql_sync_validate examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND_validate().
drush_policy_core_rsync_validate examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND_validate().
policy_drush_sitealias_alter examples/ Implements hook_drush_sitealias_alter
policy_drush_help_alter examples/ Implements hook_drush_help_alter().
drush_policy_updatedb_validate examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND_validate().
drush_policy_make_me_a_sandwich_validate examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND_validate().
sandwich_drush_command examples/ Implements hook_drush_command().
sandwich_drush_help examples/ Implements hook_drush_help().
drush_sandwich_make_me_a_sandwich_validate examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND_validate().
drush_sandwich_make_me_a_sandwich examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND().
drush_sandwich_sandwiches_served examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND().
drush_sandwich_spreads_status examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND().
sandwich_make_me_a_sandwich_complete examples/ Command argument complete callback.
sync_enable_drush_help_alter examples/ Implements hook_drush_help_alter().
drush_sync_enable_post_sql_sync examples/ Implements drush_hook_post_COMMAND().
sync_via_http_drush_help_alter examples/ Implements hook_drush_help_alter().
drush_sync_via_http_pre_sql_sync examples/ Implements drush_hook_pre_COMMAND().
_drush_sync_via_http_download_file examples/ Downloads a files.
xkcd_drush_command examples/ Implements hook_drush_command().
xkcd_drush_help examples/ Implements hook_drush_help().
drush_xkcd_fetch examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND().
drush_xkcd_display examples/ Display a given XKCD cartoon.
drush_backend_set_result includes/ The backend result is the original PHP data structure (usually an array) used to generate the output for the current command.
drush_backend_get_result includes/ Retrieves the results from the last call to backend_invoke.
drush_backend_output includes/ Print the json-encoded output of this command, including the encoded log records, context information, etc.
drush_backend_output_collect includes/ Callback to collect backend command output.
drush_backend_output_discard includes/ Output buffer functions that discards all output but backend packets.
drush_backend_packet includes/ Output a backend packet if we're running as backend.
drush_backend_parse_output includes/ Parse output returned from a Drush command.
_drush_backend_integrate includes/ Integrate log messages and error statuses into the current process.
_drush_backend_integrate_log includes/ Supress log message output during backend integrate.
_drush_backend_proc_open includes/ Call an external command using proc_open.
_drush_backend_print_output includes/ Print the output received from a call to backend invoke, adding the label to the head of each line if necessary.
drush_backend_parse_packets includes/ Parse out and remove backend packet from the supplied string and invoke the commands.
drush_backend_packet_set_error includes/ Backend command for setting errors.