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Name Locationsort ascending Description
_convert_csv_to_array includes/ Convert a csv string, or an array of items which may contain csv strings, into an array of items.
drush_flatten_array includes/ Convert a nested array into a flat array. Thows away the array keys, returning only the values.
drush_get_global_options includes/ Get the available global options. Used by help command. Command files may modify this list using hook_drush_help_alter().
drush_die includes/ Exits with a message. In general, you should use drush_set_error() instead of this function. That lets drush proceed with other tasks. TODO: Exit with a correct status code.
_drush_is_drush_shebang_line includes/ Check to see if the provided line is a "#!/usr/bin/env drush" "shebang" script line.
_drush_is_drush_shebang_script includes/ Check to see if the provided script file is a "#!/usr/bin/env drush" "shebang" script line.
drush_confirm includes/ Asks the user a basic yes/no question.
drush_choice includes/ Ask the user to select an item from a list. From a provided associative array, drush_choice will display all of the questions, numbered from 1 to N, and return the item the user selected. "0" is always cancel; entering a blank line is also…
drush_choice_multiple includes/ Ask the user to select multiple items from a list. This is a wrapper around drush_choice, that repeats the selection process, allowing users to toggle a number of items in a list. The number of values that can be constrained by both min and max: the…
drush_prompt includes/ Prompt the user for input
drush_op includes/ Calls a given function, passing through all arguments unchanged.
drush_call_user_func_array includes/ Mimic cufa but still call function directly. See
drush_download_file includes/ Download a file using wget, curl or file_get_contents, or via download cache.
drush_download_file_name includes/ Helper function to determine name of cached file.
_drush_is_url includes/ Check whether the given path is just a url or a local path
_drush_download_file includes/ Download a file using wget, curl or file_get_contents. Does not use download cache.
drush_mime_content_type includes/ Determines the MIME content type of the specified file.
drush_attempt_mime_content_type includes/ Works like drush_mime_content_type, but does not set an error if the type is unknown.
drush_file_is_tarball includes/ Check whether a file is a supported tarball.
drush_tarball_extract includes/ Extract a tarball.
_drush_should_remove_command_arg includes/ Determine whether or not an argument should be removed from the DRUSH_COMMAND_ARGS context. This method is used when a Drush command has set the 'strict-option-handling' flag indicating that it will pass through all commandline arguments…
drush_do_command_redispatch includes/ Redispatch the specified command using the same options that were passed to this invocation of drush.
drush_log includes/ Add a log message to the log history.
_drush_create_default_logger includes/ Future: add some sort of dependency injection to Drush.
_drush_log includes/ Call the default logger, or the user's log callback, as appropriate.
drush_log_has_errors includes/
drush_backend_packet_log includes/ Backend command callback. Add a log message to the log history.
drush_get_log includes/ Retrieve the log messages from the log history
dlm includes/ Run print_r on a variable and log the output.
drush_pipe_output includes/ Display the pipe output for the current request.
drush_print_timers includes/
_drush_log_drupal_messages includes/ Turn drupal_set_message errors into drush_log errors
drush_format_size includes/
drush_set_error includes/ Set an error code for the error handling system.
drush_get_error includes/ Return the current error handling status
drush_get_error_log includes/ Return the current list of errors that have occurred.
drush_cmp_error includes/ Check if a specific error status has been set.
drush_clear_error includes/ Clear error context.
drush_user_abort includes/ Exit due to user declining a confirmation prompt.
drush_errors_off includes/ Turn PHP error handling off.
drush_errors_on includes/ Turn PHP error handling on.
drush_memory_limit includes/ Get the PHP memory_limit value in bytes.
drush_unset_recursive includes/ Unset the named key anywhere in the provided data structure.
drush_version_control_reserved_files includes/ Return a list of VCSs reserved files and directories.
drush_generate_password includes/ Generate a random alphanumeric password. Copied from user.module.
drush_map_assoc includes/ Form an associative array from a linear array.
drush_complete_cache_clear includes/ Clears completion caches.
drush_value_format includes/
drush_drupal_load_autoloader includes/ Loads the Drupal autoloader and returns the instance.
drush_drupal_version includes/ Detects the version number of the current Drupal installation, if any. Returns FALSE if there is no current Drupal installation, or it is somehow broken.