Contains filters are case sensitive
Namesort ascending Location Description
make_download_get commands/make/ For backwards compatibility.
make_download_file_unpack commands/make/ Unpacks a file to the specified download location.
make_download_file commands/make/ Downloads a file to the specified location.
make_download_factory commands/make/ Downloads the given package to the destination directory.
make_download_copy commands/make/ Copies a folder the specified location.
make_download_bzr commands/make/ Checks out a Bazaar repository to the specified download location.
make_clean_tmp commands/make/ Removes the temporary build directory. On failed builds, this is handled by drush_register_file_for_deletion().
make_build_path commands/make/ The path where the final build will be placed.
make_apply_defaults commands/make/ Apply any defaults.
magic_drush_help_alter tests/hooks/magic_help_alter/ Implement hook_drush_help_alter()
init_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
image_image_flush_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
image_drush_help_alter commands/core/ Implements hook_drush_help_alter().
image_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
hook_pm_post_update ./drush.api.php Take action after a project has been updated.
hook_drush_sql_sync_sanitize ./drush.api.php Sql-sync sanitization example.
hook_drush_sitealias_alter ./drush.api.php Adjust the contents of a site alias.
hook_drush_pm_post_download ./drush.api.php Take action after a project has been downloaded.
hook_drush_pm_download_destination_alter ./drush.api.php Adjust the location a project should be copied to after being downloaded.
hook_drush_invoke_alter ./drush.api.php Alter the order that hooks are invoked.
hook_drush_init ./drush.api.php Take action before any command is run.
hook_drush_help_alter ./drush.api.php Add help components to a command.
hook_drush_exit ./drush.api.php Take action after any command is run.
hook_drush_engine_type_info ./drush.api.php Inform drush about one or more engine types.
hook_drush_engine_ENGINE_TYPE ./drush.api.php Inform drush about one or more engines implementing a given engine type.
hook_drush_command_alter ./drush.api.php Adjust the contents of any command structure prior to dispatch.
hook_drush_command ./drush.api.php Declare a new command.
hook_drush_cache_clear ./drush.api.php Add/edit options to cache-clear command.
help_drush_help commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
help_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
find_wrapper_or_launcher includes/ Checks the provided location and return the appropriate Drush wrapper or Drush launcher script, if found.
find_legacy_dt_args includes/ Return an array containing all of the items in the input array that begin with a '!'.
field_field_update_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_info_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_delete_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_create_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_field_complete_field_names commands/core/ List field names for completion.
field_field_clone_complete commands/core/ Command argument complete callback.
field_drush_help commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_help().
field_drush_command commands/core/ Implementation of hook_drush_command().
example_profile_modules tests/resources/example.profile
example_profile_details tests/resources/example.profile
example_install_configure_form_submit tests/resources/example.profile
example_form_alter tests/resources/example.profile
entity_updates_main commands/core/drupal/ Apply pending entity schema updates.
dt includes/ Rudimentary replacement for Drupal API t() function.
drush_xkcd_fetch examples/ Implements drush_hook_COMMAND().
drush_xkcd_display examples/ Display a given XKCD cartoon.
drush_wrap_with_quotes includes/ Make an attempt to simply wrap the arg with the kind of quote characters it does not already contain. If it contains both kinds, then this function reverts to drush_escapeshellarg.
drush_which includes/ Determine whether 'which $command' can find a command on this system.