Contains filters are case sensitive
Name Locationsort descending Description
make_download_factory commands/make/ Downloads the given package to the destination directory.
make_download_pm commands/make/ Download project using drush's pm-download command.
make_download_file commands/make/ Downloads a file to the specified location.
_make_download_file commands/make/ Wrapper to drush_download_file().
make_download_file_unpack commands/make/ Unpacks a file to the specified download location.
_make_download_file_move commands/make/ Move a downloaded and unpacked file or directory into place.
make_download_get commands/make/ For backwards compatibility.
make_download_copy commands/make/ Copies a folder the specified location.
_make_download_copy commands/make/ Wrapper to drush_download_copy().
make_download_git commands/make/ Checks out a git repository to the specified download location.
make_download_bzr commands/make/ Checks out a Bazaar repository to the specified download location.
make_download_svn commands/make/ Checks out an SVN repository to the specified download location.
_make_verify_checksums commands/make/ Test that any supplied hash values match the hash of the file content.
_make_hash commands/make/ Calculate the hash of a string for a given algorithm.
make_drush_help commands/make/ Implements hook_drush_help().
make_drush_command commands/make/ Implements hook_drush_command().
make_make_complete commands/make/ Command argument complete callback.
drush_make_validate commands/make/ Validation callback for make command.
drush_make_pre_make commands/make/ Implements drush_hook_pre_COMMAND().
drush_make commands/make/ Drush callback; make based on the makefile.
drush_make_convert commands/make/ Command callback; convert ini makefile to YAML.
drush_make_process commands/make/ Drush callback: hidden file to process an individual project.
make_prepare_projects commands/make/ Gather additional data on all projects specified in the make file.
make_projects commands/make/ Process all projects specified in the make file.
_make_write_project_json commands/make/ Writes out project data to temporary files.
make_prepare_libraries commands/make/ Gather additional data on all libraries specified in the make file.
make_libraries commands/make/ Process all libraries specified in the make file.
make_build_path commands/make/ The path where the final build will be placed.
make_move_build commands/make/ Move the completed build into place.
make_prepare_request commands/make/ Create a request array suitable for release_info engine.
make_project_needs_release_info commands/make/ Determine if the release information is required for this project. When it is determined that it is, this potentially results in the use of pm-download to process the project.
_make_enable_cache commands/make/ Enables caching if not explicitly disabled.
make_parse_info_file commands/make/ Helper function to parse a makefile and prune projects.
_make_parse_info_file commands/make/ Parse makefile recursively.
make_normalize_info commands/make/ Expand shorthand elements, so that we have an associative array.
make_prune_info_file commands/make/ Remove entries in the info file in accordance with the options passed in. Entries are either explicitly 'allowed' (with the $include_only parameter) in which case all *other* entries will be excluded.
make_validate_info_file commands/make/ Validate the make file.
make_valid_url commands/make/ Verify the syntax of the given URL.
make_tmp commands/make/ Find, and possibly create, a temporary directory.
make_clean_tmp commands/make/ Removes the temporary build directory. On failed builds, this is handled by drush_register_file_for_deletion().
make_prepare_install commands/make/ Prepare a Drupal installation, copying default.settings.php to settings.php.
make_md5 commands/make/ Calculate a cksum on each file in the build, and md5 the resulting hashes.
make_tar commands/make/ @todo drush_archive_dump() also makes a tar. Consolidate?
make_error commands/make/ Logs an error unless the --force-complete command line option is specified.
make_safe_path commands/make/ Checks an attribute's path to ensure it's not maliciously crafted.
make_get_data commands/make/ Get data based on the source.
make_apply_defaults commands/make/ Apply any defaults.
_make_is_override_allowed commands/make/ Check if makefile overrides are allowed
_get_working_copy_option commands/make/ Gather any working copy options.
_make_determine_format commands/make/ Given data from stdin, determine format.