function _drush_backend_get_stdin

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Read options fron STDIN during POST requests.

This function will read any text from the STDIN pipe, and attempts to generate an associative array if valid JSON was received.

Return value

An associative array of options, if successfull. Otherwise FALSE.

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Drush backend API


function _drush_backend_get_stdin() {
  $fp = fopen('php://stdin', 'r');
  // Windows workaround: we cannot count on stream_get_contents to
  // return if STDIN is reading from the keyboard.  We will therefore
  // check to see if there are already characters waiting on the
  // stream (as there always should be, if this is a backend call),
  // and if there are not, then we will exit.
  // This code prevents drush from hanging forever when called with
  // --backend from the commandline; however, overall it is still
  // a futile effort, as it does not seem that backend invoke can
  // successfully write data to that this function can read,
  // so the argument list and command always come out empty. :(
  // Perhaps stream_get_contents is the problem, and we should use
  // the technique described here:
  // n.b. the code in that issue passes '0' for the timeout in stream_select
  // in a loop, which is not recommended.
  // Note that the following DOES work:
  //   drush ev 'print(json_encode(array("test" => "XYZZY")));' | drush status --backend
  // So, redirecting input is okay, it is just the proc_open that is a problem.
  if (drush_is_windows()) {
    // Note that stream_select uses reference parameters, so we need variables (can't pass a constant NULL)
    $read = array($fp);
    $write = NULL;
    $except = NULL;
    // Question: might we need to wait a bit for STDIN to be ready,
    // even if the process that called us immediately writes our parameters?
    // Passing '100' for the timeout here causes us to hang indefinitely
    // when called from the shell.
    $changed_streams = stream_select($read, $write, $except, );
    // Return on error (FALSE) or no changed streams (0).
    // Oh, according to,
    // stream_select will return FALSE for streams returned by proc_open.
    // That is not applicable to us, is it? Our stream is connected to a stream
    // created by proc_open, but is not a stream returned by proc_open.
    if ($changed_streams < ) {
      return FALSE;
  stream_set_blocking($fp, FALSE);
  $string = stream_get_contents($fp);
  if (trim($string)) {
    return json_decode($string, TRUE);
  return FALSE;