function drush_backend_set_result

8.0.x drush_backend_set_result($value)
6.x drush_backend_set_result($value)
7.x drush_backend_set_result($value)
3.x drush_backend_set_result($value)
4.x drush_backend_set_result($value)
5.x drush_backend_set_result($value)
master drush_backend_set_result($value)
4 calls to drush_backend_set_result()
drush_core_status in commands/core/
Command callback. Provides a birds-eye view of the current Drupal installation.
drush_pm_list in commands/pm/
Command callback. Show a list of extensions with type and status.
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Command callback. Displays the Drupal site's database connection string.
_drush_invoke_args in includes/
Variant of drush_invoke_args that allows the commandfile to be specified correctly; this allows the hook functions to be correctly determined for commands that provide a 'callback' function.


includes/, line 64
Drush backend API


function drush_backend_set_result($value) {
  if (drush_get_context('DRUSH_BACKEND')) {
    drush_set_context('BACKEND_RESULT', $value);