function drush_batch_command

8.0.x drush_batch_command($id)
6.x drush_batch_command($id)
7.x drush_batch_command($id)
3.x drush_batch_command($id)
4.x drush_batch_command($id)
5.x drush_batch_command($id)
master drush_batch_command($id)

Process sets from the specified batch.

This function is called by the worker process that is spawned by the drush_backend_batch_process function.

The command called needs to call this function after it's special bootstrap requirements have been taken care of.

3 calls to drush_batch_command()
drush_core_batch_process in commands/core/
Process sets from the specified batch.
_update_batch_command in commands/core/drupal/
_update_batch_command in commands/core/drupal/


includes/, line 65
Drush batch API.


function drush_batch_command($id) {
  include_once ('includes/');
  drush_include_engine('drupal', 'batch', drush_drupal_major_version());