function _drush_bootstrap_phases

8.0.x _drush_bootstrap_phases($function_names = FALSE)
6.x _drush_bootstrap_phases($function_names = FALSE, $init_phases_only = FALSE)
7.x _drush_bootstrap_phases($function_names = FALSE)
3.x _drush_bootstrap_phases($function_names = FALSE)
4.x _drush_bootstrap_phases($function_names = FALSE, $init_phases_only = FALSE)
5.x _drush_bootstrap_phases($function_names = FALSE, $init_phases_only = FALSE)
master _drush_bootstrap_phases($function_names = FALSE)

Returns an array that determines what bootstrap phases are necessary to bootstrap the CMS.


bool $function_names: (optional) If TRUE, return an array of method names index by their corresponding phase values. Otherwise return an array of phase values.

Return value


See also


4 calls to _drush_bootstrap_phases()
drush_bootstrap in includes/
Bootstrap Drush to the desired phase.
drush_bootstrap_max in includes/
Bootstrap to the highest level possible, without triggering any errors.
drush_bootstrap_to_phase in includes/
Bootstrap to the specified phase.
drush_bootstrap_validate in includes/
Validate whether a bootstrap phase can be reached.


includes/, line 165


function _drush_bootstrap_phases($function_names = FALSE) {
  $result = array();

  if ($bootstrap = \Drush::bootstrap()) {
    $result = $bootstrap->bootstrap_phases();
    if (!$function_names) {
      $result = array_keys($result);
  return $result;