function drush_bootstrap_max

8.0.x drush_bootstrap_max($max_phase_index = FALSE)
6.x drush_bootstrap_max($max_phase_index = FALSE)
7.x drush_bootstrap_max($max_phase_index = FALSE)
3.x drush_bootstrap_max()
4.x drush_bootstrap_max($max_phase_index = FALSE)
5.x drush_bootstrap_max($max_phase_index = FALSE)
master drush_bootstrap_max($max_phase_index = FALSE)

Bootstrap to the highest level possible, without triggering any errors.


$max_phase_index: Only attempt bootstrap to the specified level.

@return int The maximum phase to which we bootstrapped.

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includes/, line 329
Drush bootstrapping code.


function drush_bootstrap_max($max_phase_index = FALSE) {
  $phases = _drush_bootstrap_phases();
  $phase_index = DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_DRUSH;
  if (!$max_phase_index) {
    $max_phase_index = count($phases);

  // Try to bootstrap to the maximum possible level, without generating errors
  foreach ($phases as $phase_index) {
    if ($phase_index > $max_phase_index) {
      // Stop trying, since we achieved what was specified.

    if (drush_bootstrap_validate($phase_index)) {
      if ($phase_index > drush_get_context('DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_PHASE')) {
        drush_bootstrap($phase_index, $max_phase_index);
    else {

  return drush_get_context('DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_PHASE');