function drush_has_boostrapped

8.0.x drush_has_boostrapped($phase)
6.x drush_has_boostrapped($phase)
7.x drush_has_boostrapped($phase)
4.x drush_has_boostrapped($phase)
5.x drush_has_boostrapped($phase)
master drush_has_boostrapped($phase)

Determine whether a given bootstrap phase has been completed

This function name has a typo which makes me laugh so we choose not to fix it. Take a deep breath, and smile. See

@returns TRUE if the specified bootstrap phase has completed.


phase: The bootstrap phase to test

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includes/, line 371


function drush_has_boostrapped($phase) {
  $phase_index = drush_get_context('DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_PHASE');

  return isset($phase_index) && ($phase_index >= $phase);