function drush_load_bootstrap_commandfile_at_path

8.0.x drush_load_bootstrap_commandfile_at_path($path)

Check to see if there is a bootstrap class available at the specified location; if there is, load it.

1 call to drush_load_bootstrap_commandfile_at_path()
drush_bootstrap_class_for_root in includes/
Look up the best bootstrap class for the given location from the set of available candidates.


includes/, line 183


function drush_load_bootstrap_commandfile_at_path($path) {
  static $paths = array();

  if (!empty($path) && (!array_key_exists($path, $paths))) {
    $paths[$path] = TRUE;
    // Check to see if we have any bootstrap classes in this location.
    $bootstrap_class_dir = $path . '/drush/bootstrap';
    if (is_dir($bootstrap_class_dir)) {
      _drush_add_commandfiles(array($bootstrap_class_dir), DRUSH_BOOTSTRAP_NONE);