function drush_select_bootstrap_class

8.0.x drush_select_bootstrap_class()
7.x drush_select_bootstrap_class()

Select the bootstrap class to use. If this is called multiple times, the bootstrap class returned might change on subsequent calls, if the root directory changes. Once the bootstrap object starts changing the state of the system, however, it will be 'latched', and further calls to drush_select_bootstrap_class() will always return the same object.

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includes/, line 182


function drush_select_bootstrap_class() {
  $root = drush_get_context('DRUSH_SELECTED_DRUPAL_ROOT');

  // Once we have selected a Drupal root, we will reduce our bootstrap
  // candidates down to just the one used to select this site root.
  $bootstrap = drush_bootstrap_class_for_root($root);
  // If we have not found a bootstrap class by this point,
  // then take the last one and use it.  This should be our
  // default bootstrap class.  The default bootstrap class
  // should pass through all calls without doing anything that
  // changes state in a CMS-specific way.
  if ($bootstrap == NULL) {
    $candidates = drush_get_bootstrap_candidates();
    $bootstrap = array_pop($candidates);

  return $bootstrap;