function _drush_find_commandfiles

8.0.x _drush_find_commandfiles($phase, $phase_max = FALSE)
6.x _drush_find_commandfiles($phase, $phase_max = FALSE)
7.x _drush_find_commandfiles($phase, $phase_max = FALSE)
3.x _drush_find_commandfiles($phase)
4.x _drush_find_commandfiles($phase, $phase_max = FALSE)
5.x _drush_find_commandfiles($phase, $phase_max = FALSE)
master _drush_find_commandfiles($phase, $phase_max = FALSE)
2 calls to _drush_find_commandfiles()
DrupalBoot::drush_command_belongs_to_disabled_module in lib/Drush/Boot/DrupalBoot.php
Check if the given command belongs to a disabled module.
drush_bootstrap in includes/
Bootstrap Drush to the desired phase.


includes/, line 1579
The drush command engine.


function _drush_find_commandfiles($phase, $phase_max = FALSE) {
  drush_log(dt("Find command files for phase !phase (max=!max)", array('!phase' => $phase, '!max' => (string) $phase_max)), LogLevel::DEBUG);
  if ($bootstrap = \Drush::bootstrap()) {
    $searchpath = $bootstrap->commandfile_searchpaths($phase, $phase_max);
    _drush_add_commandfiles($searchpath, $phase);
    annotationcommand_adapter_discover($searchpath, $phase, $phase_max);