function _drush_get_command_options

8.0.x _drush_get_command_options($command)
6.x _drush_get_command_options($command)
7.x _drush_get_command_options($command)
5.x _drush_get_command_options($command)
master _drush_get_command_options($command)

Return the list of all of the options for the given command record by merging the 'options' and 'sub-options' records.

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3 calls to _drush_get_command_options()
drush_get_original_cli_args_and_options in includes/
Return the original cli args and options, exactly as they appeared on the command line, and in the same order. Any command-specific options that were set will also appear in this list, appended at the very end.
_drush_usage_log in commands/core/
_drush_verify_cli_options in includes/
Fail with an error if the user specified options on the command line that are not documented in the current command record. Also verify that required options are present.


includes/, line 650
The drush command engine.


function _drush_get_command_options($command) {
  drush_command_invoke_all_ref('drush_help_alter', $command);
  $options = $command['options'];
  foreach ($command['sub-options'] as $group => $suboptions) {
    $options = array_merge($options, $suboptions);
  return $options;