8 calls to drush_commandfile_list()

commandUnitCase::testCommandVersionSpecific in tests/commandUnitTest.php
Assure that matching version-specific command files are loaded and others are ignored.
drush_command_get_includes in includes/command.inc
drush_command_implements in includes/command.inc
Determine which command files are implementing a hook.
drush_docs_errorcodes in commands/core/docs.drush.inc
docs-errorcodes command. Print a list of all error codes that can be found.
drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies in includes/command.inc
Check that a command has its declared drush dependencies available or have no dependencies. Drush dependencies are helpful when a command is invoking another command, or implementing its API.
drush_get_commands in includes/command.inc
Get a list of all implemented commands. This invokes hook_drush_command().
drush_get_engines in includes/engines.inc
Return a structured array of engines of a specific type.
_drush_invoke_hooks in includes/command.inc
Invoke Drush API calls, including all hooks.