18 calls to drush_get_commands()

commandUnitCase::testGetCommands in tests/commandUnitTest.php
core_help_complete in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Command argument complete callback.
drush_command_belongs_to_disabled_module in ./drush.php
Check if the given command belongs to a disabled module
drush_complete_rebuild in includes/complete.inc
Rebuild and cache completions for everything except command arguments.
drush_complete_rebuild_arguments in includes/complete.inc
Rebuild and cache completions for command arguments.
drush_core_help in commands/core/help.drush.inc
Command callback for help command. This is the default command, when none other has been specified.
drush_docs_errorcodes in commands/core/docs.drush.inc
docs-errorcodes command. Print a list of all error codes that can be found.
drush_get_commandfile_for_command in includes/command.inc
Get the short commandfile name that matches the command.
drush_get_topics in commands/core/topic.drush.inc
Retrieve all defined topics
drush_invoke in includes/command.inc
Invokes a Drush API call, including all hooks.
drush_is_command in includes/command.inc
drush_parse_command in includes/command.inc
Matches a commands array, as returned by drush_get_arguments, with the current command table.
drush_show_help in commands/core/help.drush.inc
Prints out help for a given command.
drush_topic_core_topic in commands/core/topic.drush.inc
A command callback.
topic_drush_help_alter in commands/core/topic.drush.inc
Implement hook_drush_help_alter(). Show 'Topics' section on help detail.
_drush_help_merge_subcommand_information in commands/core/help.drush.inc
Check to see if the specified command contains an 'allow-additional-options' record. If it does, find the additional options that are allowed, and add in the help text for the options of all of the sub-commands.
_drush_usage_log in commands/core/usage.drush.inc
_drush_verify_cli_options in includes/command.inc
Fail with an error if the user specified options on the command line that are not documented in the current command record.