29 calls to drush_invoke_process()

backendUnitCase::testBackendFork in tests/backendUnitTest.php
Covers the following target responsibilities.
BrowseCommands::browse in lib/Drush/CommandFiles/core/BrowseCommands.php
Display a link to a given path or open link in a browser.
DrushCommand::execute in lib/Drush/Psysh/DrushCommand.php
drush_archive_dump in commands/core/archive.drush.inc
Command callback. Generate site archive file.
drush_archive_restore in commands/core/archive.drush.inc
Command callback. Restore web site(s) from a site archive file.
drush_config_edit in commands/core/config.drush.inc
Edit command callback.
drush_config_pull in commands/core/config.drush.inc
Config pull command callback
drush_config_pull_validate in commands/core/config.drush.inc
Config pull validate callback
drush_core_help in commands/core/help.drush.inc
Command callback for help command. This is the default command, when none other has been specified.
drush_core_quick_drupal in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Callback for core-quick-drupal command.
drush_core_site_install in commands/core/site_install.drush.inc
Command callback.
drush_do_command_redispatch in includes/drush.inc
Redispatch the specified command using the same options that were passed to this invocation of drush.
drush_drupal_cache_clear_all in includes/drupal.inc
drush_pm_enable_validate in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Validate callback. Determine the modules and themes that the user would like enabled.
drush_pm_post_pm_update in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Post-command callback. Execute updatedb command after an updatecode - user requested `update`.
drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Post-command callback for updatecode.
drush_pm_updatecode in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Command callback. Displays update status info and allows to update installed projects.
drush_preflight_command_dispatch in includes/preflight.inc
Handle any command preprocessing that may need to be done, including potentially redispatching the command immediately (e.g. for remote commands).
drush_sitealias_add_db_settings in includes/sitealias.inc
If the alias record does not contain a 'databases' or 'db-url' entry, then use backend invoke to look up the settings value from the remote or local site. The 'databases' form is preferred; 'db_url' will be…
drush_sitealias_resolve_path_references in includes/sitealias.inc
If there are any path aliases (items beginning with "%") in the test string, then resolve them as path aliases and add them to the provided alias record.
drush_sqlsync_sql_sync in commands/sql/sqlsync.drush.inc
drush_ssh_site_ssh in commands/core/ssh.drush.inc
Command callback.
drush_sync_enable_post_sql_sync in examples/sync_enable.drush.inc
Implements drush_hook_post_COMMAND().
drush_user_login in commands/user/user.drush.inc
Displays a one time login link for the given user.
make_download_pm in commands/make/make.download.inc
Download project using drush's pm-download command.
testDispatchUsingAlias_script.php in tests/resources/testDispatchUsingAlias_script.php
_drush_backend_batch_process in commands/core/drupal/batch.inc
Main loop for the Drush batch API.
_drush_core_rsync_both_remote in commands/core/rsync.core.inc
Handle an rsync operation from a remote site to a remote site by first rsync'ing to a local location, and then copying that location to its final destination.
_drush_search_index in commands/core/search.drush.inc