function commandfiles_cache

8.0.x commandfiles_cache()
7.x commandfiles_cache()
master commandfiles_cache()
4 calls to commandfiles_cache()
DrupalBoot::drush_command_belongs_to_disabled_module in lib/Drush/Boot/DrupalBoot.php
Check if the given command belongs to a disabled module.
drush_autoload in includes/
Used by a Drush extension to request that its Composer autoload files be loaded by Drush, if they have not already been.
drush_commandfile_list in includes/
Collect a list of all available drush command files.
_drush_add_commandfiles in includes/


includes/, line 1910
The drush command engine.


function commandfiles_cache() {
  static $commandfiles_cache = NULL;

  if (!isset($commandfiles_cache)) {
    $commandfiles_cache = new Drush\Command\Commandfiles();
  return $commandfiles_cache;