function drush_command_invoke_all

8.0.x drush_command_invoke_all()
6.x drush_command_invoke_all()
7.x drush_command_invoke_all()
3.x drush_command_invoke_all()
4.x drush_command_invoke_all()
5.x drush_command_invoke_all()
master drush_command_invoke_all()

Invoke a hook in all available command files that implement it.


$hook: The name of the hook to invoke.

...: Arguments to pass to the hook.

Return value

An array of return values of the hook implementations. If commands return arrays from their implementations, those are merged into one array.

See also


9 calls to drush_command_invoke_all()
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includes/, line 863
The drush command engine.


function drush_command_invoke_all() {
  $args = func_get_args();
  if (count($args) == 1) {
    $args[] = NULL;
  $reference_value = $args[1];
  $args[1] = &$reference_value;

  return call_user_func_array('drush_command_invoke_all_ref', $args);