function drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies

8.0.x drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies(&$command)
6.x drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies(&$command)
7.x drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies(&$command)
4.x drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies(&$command)
5.x drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies(&$command)
master drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies(&$command)

Check that a command has its declared drush dependencies available or have no dependencies. Drush dependencies are helpful when a command is invoking another command, or implementing its API.


$command: Command to check. Any errors will be added to the 'bootstrap_errors' element.

Return value

TRUE if dependencies are met.

1 call to drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies()


includes/, line 1800
The drush command engine.


function drush_enforce_requirement_drush_dependencies(&$command) {
  // If there are no drush dependencies, then do nothing.
  if (!empty($command['drush dependencies'])) {
    $commandfiles = drush_commandfile_list();
    foreach ($command['drush dependencies'] as $dependency) {
      if (!isset($commandfiles[$dependency])) {
        $dt_args = array(
          '!command' => $command['command'],
          '!dependency' => "$",
        $command['bootstrap_errors']['DRUSH_COMMANDFILE_DEPENDENCY_ERROR'] = dt('Command !command needs the following drush command file to run: !dependency.', $dt_args);
        return FALSE;
  return TRUE;