function drush_filename_blacklist

8.0.x drush_filename_blacklist()
6.x drush_filename_blacklist()
7.x drush_filename_blacklist()
4.x drush_filename_blacklist()
5.x drush_filename_blacklist()
master drush_filename_blacklist()

Substrings to ignore during commandfile searching.

2 calls to drush_filename_blacklist()
_drush_add_commandfiles in includes/
_drush_sitealias_find_alias_files in includes/
Function to find all alias files that might contain aliases that match the requested alias name.


includes/, line 1478
The drush command engine.


function drush_filename_blacklist() {
  return array_diff(array('.', '..', 'drush_make', 'examples', 'tests', 'disabled', 'gitcache', 'cache', 'drush4', 'drush5', 'drush6', 'drush7'), array('drush' . DRUSH_MAJOR_VERSION));