function drush_invoke_process_args

4.x drush_invoke_process_args($command_name, $commandline_args, $commandline_options = array())

Invoke a command in a new process.



command_name: The drush command to execute.

Return value

If the command could not be completed successfully, FALSE. If the command was completed, this will return an associative array containing the results of the API call. @see drush_backend_get_result()

See also

drush_invoke_process("@self", $command_name, $commandline_args, $commandline_options) for a better option

Related topics

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includes/, line 301
The drush command engine.


function drush_invoke_process_args($command_name, $commandline_args, $commandline_options = array()) {
  return drush_backend_invoke_args($command_name, $commandline_args, $commandline_options);