function drush_redispatch_get_options

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3.x drush_redispatch_get_options()
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5.x drush_redispatch_get_options()
master drush_redispatch_get_options()

Get the options that were passed to the current command.

This function returns an array that contains all of the options that are appropriate for forwarding along to drush_invoke_process.

Return value

An associative array of option key => value pairs.

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includes/, line 771
The drush command engine.


function drush_redispatch_get_options() {
  $options = array();

  // Add in command-specific and alias options, but for global options only.
  $options_soup = drush_get_context('specific') + drush_get_context('alias');
  $global_option_list = drush_get_global_options(FALSE);
  foreach ($options_soup as $key => $value) {
    if (array_key_exists($key, $global_option_list)) {
      $options[$key] = $value;

  // Local php settings should not override sitealias settings.
  $cli_context = drush_get_context('cli');
  unset($cli_context['php'], $cli_context['php-options']);
  // Pass along CLI parameters, as higher priority.
  $options = $cli_context + $options;

  $options = array_diff_key($options, array_flip(drush_sitealias_site_selection_keys()));
  // If we can parse the current command, then examine all contexts
  // in order for any option that is directly related to the current command
  $command = drush_parse_command();
  if (is_array($command)) {
    foreach (drush_get_command_options_extended($command) as $key => $value) {
      $value = drush_get_option($key);
      if (isset($value)) {
        $options[$key] = $value;
  // If --bootstrap-to-first-arg is specified, do not
  // pass it along to remote commands.

  return $options;