Command dispatching functions.

  1. 8.0.x includes/ dispatching
  2. 6.x includes/ dispatching
  3. 7.x includes/ dispatching
  4. 3.x includes/ dispatching
  5. 4.x includes/ dispatching
  6. 5.x includes/ dispatching
  7. master includes/ dispatching

These functions handle command dispatching, and can be used to programatically invoke drush commands in different ways.


Namesort descending Location Description
drush_append_negation_options includes/
drush_command includes/ Entry point for commands into the drush_invoke() API
drush_dispatch includes/ Given a command record, dispatch it as if it were the original command. Executes in the currently bootstrapped site using the current option contexts. Note that drush_dispatch will not bootstrap any further than the current command has already…
drush_handle_command_output includes/ Convert the structured output array provided from the Drush command into formatted output. Output is only printed for commands that define 'default-format' &/or 'default-pipe-format'; all other commands are expected to do…
drush_invoke includes/ Invokes a Drush API call, including all hooks.
drush_invoke_process includes/ Invoke a command in a new process, targeting the site specified by the provided site alias record.
drush_redispatch_get_options includes/ Get the options that were passed to the current command.
_drush_flatten_options includes/ Return the array keys of $options, plus any 'short-form' representations that may appear in the option's value.
_drush_get_command_options includes/ Return the list of all of the options for the given command record by merging the 'options' and 'sub-options' records.
_drush_invoke_hooks includes/ Invoke Drush API calls, including all hooks.
_drush_verify_cli_arguments includes/
_drush_verify_cli_options includes/ Fail with an error if the user specified options on the command line that are not documented in the current command record. Also verify that required options are present.


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The drush command engine.