function drush_hyphenate_options

8.0.x drush_hyphenate_options($options)
6.x drush_hyphenate_options($options)
7.x drush_hyphenate_options($options)
5.x drush_hyphenate_options($options)
master drush_hyphenate_options($options)

Simple helper function to ensure options are properly hyphenated before we return them to the user (we match against the non-hyphenated versions internally).


array $options: Array of unhyphenated option names.

Return value

array Array of hyphenated option names.

1 call to drush_hyphenate_options()
drush_early_complete in includes/
Produce autocomplete output.


includes/, line 393
Provide completion output for shells.


function drush_hyphenate_options($options) {
  foreach ($options as $key => $option) {
    $options[$key] = '--' . ltrim($option, '--');
  return $options;