8 calls to drush_get_arguments()

drush_command_belongs_to_disabled_module in ./drush.php
Check if the given command belongs to a disabled module
drush_early_complete in includes/complete.inc
Produce autocomplete output.
drush_parse_command in includes/command.inc
Matches a commands array, as returned by drush_get_arguments, with the current command table.
drush_preflight_command_dispatch in includes/drush.inc
Handle any command preprocessing that may need to be done, including potentially redispatching the command immediately (e.g. for remote commands).
drush_shell_alias_replace in includes/command.inc
drush_shift in includes/command.inc
Pop an argument off of drush's argument list
drush_sitealias_check_arg in includes/sitealias.inc
Check to see if the first command-line arg or the -l option is a site alias; if it is, copy its record values to the 'alias' context.
_drush_bootstrap_and_dispatch in ./drush.php