185 calls to drush_get_context()

docs_drush_command in commands/core/docs.drush.inc
Implementation of hook_drush_command().
druplicon_drush_exit in commands/core/druplicon.drush.inc
Implements hook_drush_exit().
DrushMakeProject::recurse in commands/make/make.project.inc
Recurse to process additional makefiles that may be found during processing.
drush_archive_dump in commands/core/archive.drush.inc
Command callback. Generate site archive file.
drush_backend_get_result in includes/backend.inc
Retrieves the results from the last call to backend_invoke.
drush_backend_output in includes/backend.inc
Print the json-encoded output of this command, including the encoded log records, context information, etc.
drush_backend_packet in includes/backend.inc
Output a backend packet if we're running as backend.
drush_backend_packet_log in includes/drush.inc
Backend command callback. Add a log message to the log history.
drush_backend_set_result in includes/backend.inc
The backend result is the original PHP data structure (usually an array) used to generate the output for the current command.
drush_bootstrap in includes/bootstrap.inc
Bootstrap Drush to the desired phase.
drush_bootstrap_error in includes/bootstrap.inc
Helper function to collect any errors that occur during the bootstrap process. Always returns FALSE, for convenience.
drush_bootstrap_max in includes/bootstrap.inc
Bootstrap to the highest level possible, without triggering any errors.
drush_bootstrap_to_phase in includes/bootstrap.inc
Bootstrap to the specified phase.
drush_bootstrap_value in includes/bootstrap.inc
Helper function to store any context settings that are being validated.
drush_browse in commands/core/browse.drush.inc
Command callback.
drush_build_drush_command in includes/environment.inc
Build a drush command suitable for use for drush to call itself e.g. in backend_invoke.
drush_choice in includes/drush.inc
Ask the user to select an item from a list. From a provided associative array, drush_choice will display all of the questions, numbered from 1 to N, and return the item the user selected. "0" is always cancel; entering a blank line is also…
drush_cid_install_profile in includes/drupal.inc
Build a cache id to store the install_profile for a given site.
drush_commandfile_list in includes/command.inc
Collect a list of all available drush command files.
drush_command_belongs_to_disabled_module in ./drush.php
Check if the given command belongs to a disabled module
drush_command_default_options in includes/command.inc
Conditionally include default options based on the command used.
drush_command_set_command_specific in includes/command.inc
drush_complete_process_argv in includes/complete.inc
This function resets the raw arguments so that Drush can parse the command as if it was run directly. The shell complete command passes the full command line as an argument, and the --early and --complete-debug options have to come before that, and…
drush_complete_rebuild in includes/complete.inc
Rebuild and cache completions for everything except command arguments.
drush_confirm in includes/drush.inc
Asks the user a basic yes/no question.
drush_conf_path in includes/environment.inc
This is a copy of Drupal's conf_path function, taken from D7 and adjusted slightly to search from the selected Drupal Root.
drush_core_config_load in commands/core/core.drush.inc
drush_core_execute in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Command callback. Execute specified shell code. Often used by shell aliases that start with !.
drush_core_pre_site_install in commands/core/site_install.drush.inc
Perform setup tasks for installation.
drush_core_rsync in commands/core/rsync.core.inc
Entrypoint for drush rsync.
drush_core_runserver in commands/runserver/runserver.drush.inc
Callback for runserver command.
drush_core_shell_alias in commands/core/shellalias.drush.inc
Print out the specified shell aliases.
drush_core_site_install_version in commands/core/drupal/site_install_6.inc
Install Drupal 6.x
drush_core_updatedb in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Command handler. Execute update.php code from drush.
drush_cwd in includes/environment.inc
Returns the current working directory.
drush_do_command_redispatch in includes/drush.inc
Redispatch the specified command using the same options that were passed to this invocation of drush.
drush_do_multiple_command in includes/drush.inc
Used by functions that operate on lists of sites, moving information from the source to the destination. Currenlty this includes 'drush rsync' and 'drush sql sync'.
drush_drupal_cache_clear_all in includes/drupal.inc
drush_drupal_version in includes/drupal.inc
Detects the version number of the current Drupal installation, if any. Returns FALSE if there is no current Drupal installation, or it is somehow broken.
drush_early_complete in includes/complete.inc
Produce autocomplete output.
drush_enforce_requirement_bootstrap_phase in includes/command.inc
Check that a command is valid for the current bootstrap phase.
drush_enforce_requirement_drupal_dependencies in includes/command.inc
Check that a command has its declared dependencies available or have no dependencies.
drush_engine_topic_command in includes/engines.inc
Implementation of command hook for docs-output-formats
drush_errors_off in includes/drush.inc
Turn PHP error handling off.
drush_errors_on in includes/drush.inc
Turn PHP error handling on.
drush_field_info in commands/core/field.drush.inc
drush_get_arguments in includes/context.inc
Gets the command line arguments passed to Drush.
drush_get_cid in includes/cache.inc
Create a cache id from a given prefix, contexts, and any additional parameters necessary.
drush_get_command in includes/context.inc
Return the command being executed.
drush_get_context_options in includes/context.inc
Get all of the values for an option in every context.
drush_get_engine in includes/engines.inc
Return the engine of the specified type that was loaded by the Drush command.
drush_get_error in includes/drush.inc
Return the current error handling status
drush_get_error_log in includes/drush.inc
Return the current list of errors that have occurred.
drush_get_log in includes/drush.inc
Retrieve the log messages from the log history
drush_get_merged_options in includes/context.inc
Retrieves a collapsed list of all options.
drush_get_option in includes/context.inc
Get the value for an option.
drush_get_original_cli_args_and_options in includes/command.inc
Return the original cli args and options, exactly as they appeared on the command line, and in the same order. Any command-specific options that were set will also appear in this list, appended at the very end.
drush_handle_command_output in includes/command.inc
Convert the structured output array provided from the Drush command into formatted output. Output is only printed for commands that define 'default-format' &/or 'default-pipe-format'; all other commands are expected to do…
drush_has_boostrapped in includes/bootstrap.inc
Determine whether a given bootstrap phase has been completed
drush_hide_output_fields in commands/core/outputformat.drush.inc
Specify that certain fields should not appear in the resulting output.
drush_hook_pre_pm_enable in docs/drush.api.php
Automatically download project dependencies at pm-enable time. Use a pre-pm_enable hook to download before your module is enabled, or a post-pm_enable hook (drush_hook_post_pm_enable) to run after your module is enabled.
drush_load_command_engine in includes/engines.inc
Selects and loads an engine implementing the given type.
drush_load_config_file in includes/context.inc
drush_log in includes/drush.inc
Add a log message to the log history.
drush_merge_engine_data in includes/engines.inc
Add command structure info from each engine type back into the command.
drush_op in includes/drush.inc
Calls a given function, passing through all arguments unchanged.
drush_op_system in includes/exec.inc
Calls 'system()' function, passing through all arguments unchanged.
drush_outputformat::process in commands/core/outputformat.drush.inc
Perform pre-processing and then format() the $input.
drush_parse_args in includes/command.inc
Parse console arguments.
drush_pipe_output in includes/drush.inc
Display the pipe output for the current request.
drush_pm_download in commands/pm/download.pm.inc
Command callback. Download Drupal core or any project.
drush_pm_download_validate in commands/pm/download.pm.inc
Implements drush_hook_COMMAND_validate().
drush_pm_enable in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Command callback. Enable one or more extensions from downloaded projects. Note that the modules and themes to be enabled were evaluated during the pm-enable validate hook, above.
drush_pm_enable_validate in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Validate callback. Determine the modules and themes that the user would like enabled.
drush_pm_post_pm_update in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Post-command callback. Execute updatedb command after an updatecode - user requested `update`.
drush_pm_post_pm_updatecode in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Post-command callback for updatecode.
drush_pm_updatecode in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Command callback. Displays update status info and allows to update installed projects.
drush_pm_updatecode_rollback in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Rollback the update process.
drush_pm_updatecode_validate in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Validate callback for updatecode command. Abort if 'backup' directory exists.
drush_pm_update_lock in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Update the locked status of all of the candidate projects to be updated.
drush_preflight_backup_dir in includes/filesystem.inc
Decide where our backup directory should go
drush_preflight_command_dispatch in includes/drush.inc
Handle any command preprocessing that may need to be done, including potentially redispatching the command immediately (e.g. for remote commands).
drush_prepare_backup_dir in includes/filesystem.inc
Prepare a backup directory
drush_print_file in includes/output.inc
Print the contents of a file.
drush_print_help in commands/core/help.drush.inc
Print the help for a single command to the screen.
drush_print_pipe in includes/output.inc
Stores a message which is printed during drush_shutdown() if in compact mode.
drush_process_bootstrap_to_first_arg in includes/command.inc
Process the --bootstrap-to-first-arg option, if it is present.
drush_prompt in includes/drush.inc
Prompt the user for input
drush_redispatch_get_options in includes/command.inc
Get the options that were passed to the current command.
drush_sandwich_make_me_a_sandwich in examples/sandwich.drush.inc
Example drush command callback. This is where the action takes place.
drush_save_config in includes/context.inc
Save the settings in a specific context to the applicable configuration file This is useful is you want certain settings to be available automatically the next time a command is executed.
drush_set_config_special_contexts in includes/context.inc
There are certain options such as 'site-aliases' and 'command-specific' that must be merged together if defined in multiple drush configuration files. If we did not do this merge, then the last configuration file that defined any…
drush_set_context in includes/context.inc
Set a specific context.
drush_set_error in includes/drush.inc
Set an error code for the error handling system.
drush_set_option in includes/context.inc
Set an option in one of the option contexts.
drush_shell_alias_replace in includes/command.inc
Check if a shell alias exists for current request. If so, re-route to core-execute and pass alias value along with rest of CLI arguments.
drush_shell_proc_open in includes/exec.inc
Execute bash command using proc_open().
drush_shift in includes/command.inc
Pop an argument off of drush's argument list
drush_show_help in commands/core/help.drush.inc
Prints out help for a given command.
drush_shutdown in includes/bootstrap.inc
Shutdown function for use while Drupal is bootstrapping and to return any registered errors.
drush_sitealias_alias_path in includes/sitealias.inc
Return the array of paths where alias files are searched for.
drush_sitealias_bootstrapped_site_name in includes/sitealias.inc
Get the name of the current bootstrapped site
drush_sitealias_cache_db_settings in includes/sitealias.inc
drush_sitealias_check_site_env in includes/sitealias.inc
drush_sitealias_create_self_alias in includes/sitealias.inc
Check to see if a '@self' record was created during bootstrap. If not, make one now.
drush_sitealias_evaluate_path in includes/sitealias.inc
Evaluate a path from its shorthand form to a literal path usable by rsync.
drush_sitealias_set_alias_context in includes/sitealias.inc
Given a site alias record, copy selected fields from it into the drush 'alias' context. The 'alias' context has lower precedence than the 'cli' context, so values set by an alias record can be overridden by…
drush_site_dir_lookup_from_hostname in includes/environment.inc
Lookup a site's directory via the sites.php file given a hostname.
drush_site_path in includes/environment.inc
Like Drupal conf_path, but searching from beneath. Allows proper site uri detection in site sub-directories.
drush_sql_build_dump_command in commands/sql/sql.drush.inc
Build a mysqldump/pg_dump/sqlite statement.
drush_sql_create in commands/sql/sql.drush.inc
Command callback. Create a database.
drush_sql_post_sql_sync in commands/sql/sync.sql.inc
Apply all post-sync operations that were registered in any pre-sync hook. Follow the pattern of this function to make your own post-sync hook. If changing the database, be sure to also include a pre-sync hook to notify the user of the change that will…
drush_sql_register_post_sync_op in commands/sql/sql.drush.inc
Call from a pre-sql-sync hook to register an sql query to be executed in the post-sql-sync hook.
drush_sql_sanitize in commands/sql/sql.drush.inc
Command callback. Run's the sanitization operations on the current database.
drush_sql_sync in commands/sql/sync.sql.inc
drush_ssh_site_ssh in commands/core/ssh.drush.inc
Command callback.
drush_start_browser in includes/exec.inc
Starts a background browser/tab for the current site or a specified URL.
drush_table_column_autowidth in includes/output.inc
Determine the best fit for column widths.
drush_unit_return_argv in tests/unit.drush.inc
drush_unit_return_options in tests/unit.drush.inc
drush_unset_option in includes/context.inc
Remove a setting from a specific context.
drush_user_create in commands/user/user.drush.inc
Creates a new user account.
drush_user_login in commands/user/user.drush.inc
Displays a one time login link for the given user.
drush_user_password in commands/user/user.drush.inc
Sets the password for the account with the given username
drush_valid_db_credentials in includes/environment.inc
Tests the currently loaded database credentials to ensure a database connection can be made.
drush_variable_delete in commands/core/variable.drush.inc
Command callback. Delete a variable.
make_download_git in commands/make/make.download.inc
Checks out a git repository to the specified download location.
make_drush_command in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Implements hook_drush_command().
make_projects in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Process all projects specified in the make file.
outputformat_drush_command_alter in commands/core/outputformat.drush.inc
Implements hook_drush_command_alter
package_handler_download_project in commands/pm/package_handler/wget.inc
Download a project.
package_handler_download_project in commands/pm/package_handler/git_drupalorg.inc
Download a project.
package_handler_validate in commands/pm/package_handler/wget.inc
Validate this package handler can run.
package_handler_validate in commands/pm/package_handler/git_drupalorg.inc
Validate this package handler can run.
pm_drush_help in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Implementation of hook_drush_help().
pm_drush_pm_download_destination_alter in commands/pm/download.pm.inc
Implementation of hook_drush_pm_download_destination_alter().
pm_parse_project_version in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Parse out the project name and version and return as a structured array.
pm_project_filter in commands/pm/updatestatus.pm.inc
Filter projects based on verbosity level and $security_only flag.
pm_update_packages in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Update projects according to an array of releases and print the release notes for each project, following interactive confirmation from the user.
pm_update_project in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Update one project -- a module, theme or Drupal core.
shellalias_shell_alias_complete in commands/core/shellalias.drush.inc
Command argument complete callback.
system_nodeapi in commands/core/search.drush.inc
Fake an implementation of hook_nodeapi() for Drupal 6.
system_node_update_index in commands/core/search.drush.inc
Fake an implementation of hook_node_update_index() for Drupal 7.
tablesUnitTest::setUp in tests/tablesUnitTest.php
updatexml_get_releases_from_xml in commands/pm/release_info/updatexml.inc
Obtain releases for a project's xml as returned by the update service.
update_main_prepare in commands/core/drupal/update_6.inc
usage_drush_exit in commands/core/usage.drush.inc
Log and/or send usage data to Mongolab.
_core_path_aliases in commands/core/core.drush.inc
_core_site_credentials in commands/core/core.drush.inc
_core_site_status_table in commands/core/core.drush.inc
_drush_add_commandfiles in includes/command.inc
_drush_backend_get_global_contexts in includes/backend.inc
Find all of the drush contexts that are used to cache global values and return them in an associative array.
_drush_backend_integrate in includes/backend.inc
Integrate log messages and error statuses into the current process.
_drush_backend_invoke in includes/backend.inc
Create a new pipe with proc_open, and attempt to parse the output.
_drush_bootstrap_and_dispatch in ./drush.php
_drush_bootstrap_base_environment in includes/bootstrap.inc
Sets up basic environment that controls where Drush looks for files on a system-wide basis. Important to call for "early" functions that need to work with unit tests.
_drush_bootstrap_do_drupal_site in includes/bootstrap.inc
Called by _drush_bootstrap_drupal_site to do the main work of the drush drupal site bootstrap.
_drush_bootstrap_drupal_full in includes/bootstrap.inc
Attempt to load the full Drupal system.
_drush_bootstrap_drupal_root in includes/bootstrap.inc
Bootstrap Drush with a valid Drupal Directory.
_drush_bootstrap_drupal_root_validate in includes/bootstrap.inc
_drush_bootstrap_drupal_site_validate in includes/bootstrap.inc
_drush_bootstrap_global_options in includes/bootstrap.inc
_drush_build_rsync_options in commands/core/rsync.core.inc
_drush_config_file in includes/context.inc
Return a list of possible drushrc file locations.
_drush_find_commandfiles in includes/command.inc
_drush_find_local_sites_at_root in includes/sitealias.inc
Return a list of all of the local sites at the specified drupal root.
_drush_pm_extension_cache_file in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Returns the path to the extensions cache file.
_drush_print_log in includes/drush.inc
Display the log message
_drush_shell_exec in includes/exec.inc
Internal function: executes a shell command on the local machine. This function should not be used in instances where ssh is utilized to execute a command remotely; otherwise, remote operations would fail if executed from a Windows machine to a…
_drush_sitealias_alias_list in commands/core/sitealias.drush.inc
Return a list of all site aliases known to drush.
_drush_sitealias_cache_alias in includes/sitealias.inc
Add an empty record for the specified alias name
_drush_sitealias_find_and_load_alias in includes/sitealias.inc
Traverses the alias search path and finds the specified alias record.
_drush_sitealias_find_and_load_all_aliases in includes/sitealias.inc
Worker function called by _drush_sitealias_load_alias and drush_sitealias_load_all. Traverses the alias search path and finds the specified alias record.
_drush_sitealias_find_local_alias_name in includes/sitealias.inc
Find the name of a local alias record that has the specified root and uri.
_drush_sitealias_find_record_for_local_site in includes/sitealias.inc
If '$alias' is the name of a folder in the sites folder of the given drupal root, then build an alias record for it
_drush_sitealias_get_record in includes/sitealias.inc
This is a continuation of drush_sitealias_get_record, above. It is not intended to be called directly.
_drush_sitealias_load_alias in includes/sitealias.inc
Check and see if an alias definition for $alias is available. If it is, load it into the list of aliases cached in the 'site-aliases' context.
_drush_sitealias_site_list in commands/core/sitealias.drush.inc
Return a list of all of the local sites at the current drupal root.
_drush_site_install6_stage in commands/core/drupal/site_install_6.inc
Submit a given op to install.php; if a meta "Refresh" tag is returned in the result, then submit that op as well.
_drush_sql_get_post_sync_messages in commands/sql/sql.drush.inc
Builds a confirmation message for all post-sync operations.
_drush_sql_query in commands/sql/sql.drush.inc
Execute a SQL query.
_drush_sync_via_http_download_file in examples/sync_via_http.drush.inc
Download a file, optionaly with user authentication, using either wget or curl, as available.
_drush_verify_cli_options in includes/command.inc
Fail with an error if the user specified options on the command line that are not documented in the current command record. Also verify that required options are present.
_pm_download_destination in commands/pm/download.pm.inc
Returns the best destination for a particular download type we can find.
_pm_update_core in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Update drupal core, following interactive confirmation from the user.