30 calls to drush_set_option()

drush_adjust_args_if_shebang_script in includes/command.inc
Special checking for "shebang" script handling.
drush_config_export_validate in commands/core/config.drush.inc
drush_core_help in commands/core/help.drush.inc
Command callback for help command. This is the default command, when none other has been specified.
drush_core_quick_drupal in commands/core/core.drush.inc
Callback for core-quick-drupal command.
drush_core_runserver in commands/runserver/runserver.drush.inc
Callback for runserver command.
drush_core_site_install_validate in commands/core/site_install.drush.inc
Command validate.
drush_core_watchdog_list in commands/core/watchdog.drush.inc
Command callback.
drush_early_complete in includes/complete.inc
Produce autocomplete output.
drush_make in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Drush callback; make based on the makefile.
drush_make_update in commands/make/update.make.inc
Command callback for make-update.
drush_pm_download_validate in commands/pm/download.pm.inc
Implements drush_hook_COMMAND_validate().
drush_pm_update in commands/pm/pm.drush.inc
Command callback. Execute pm-update.
drush_pm_updatecode in commands/pm/updatecode.pm.inc
Command callback. Displays update status info and allows to update installed projects.
drush_preflight_command_dispatch in includes/preflight.inc
Handle any command preprocessing that may need to be done, including potentially redispatching the command immediately (e.g. for remote commands).
drush_preflight_site in includes/preflight.inc
drush_set_default in includes/context.inc
A small helper function to set the value in the default context
drush_shell_alias_replace in includes/command.inc
Check if a shell alias exists for current request. If so, re-route to core-execute and pass alias value along with rest of CLI arguments.
drush_sitealias_evaluate_path in includes/sitealias.inc
Evaluate a path from its shorthand form to a literal path usable by rsync.
drush_sync_via_http_pre_sql_sync in examples/sync_via_http.drush.inc
Implements drush_hook_pre_COMMAND().
make_prepare_libraries in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Gather additional data on all libraries specified in the make file.
make_prepare_projects in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Gather additional data on all projects specified in the make file.
pmRequestUnitCase::testVersionParserContrib in tests/pmRequestUnitTest.php
Tests for pm_parse_version() with project versions.
pmRequestUnitCase::testVersionParserCore in tests/pmRequestUnitTest.php
Tests for pm_parse_version() with drupal version scheme for core.
pmRequestUnitCase::testVersionParserCoreSemVer in tests/pmRequestUnitTest.php
Tests for pm_parse_version() with semantic versioning.
xhUnitCase::testFlags in tests/xhUnitTest.php
Test various combinations of XHProf flag options.
_drush_batch_finished in commands/core/drupal/batch.inc
End the batch processing: Call the 'finished' callbacks to allow custom handling of results, and resolve page redirection.
_drush_batch_worker in commands/core/drupal/batch.inc
Process batch operations
_drush_command_set_default_options in includes/command.inc
_make_enable_cache in commands/make/make.drush.inc
Enables caching if not explicitly disabled.
_make_parse_info_file in commands/make/make.utilities.inc
Parse makefile recursively.