6 calls to drush_sitealias_get_option()

drush_get_option_override in includes/context.inc
Get the value for an option, but first checks the provided option overrides.
drush_remote_host in includes/exec.inc
Determine the remote host (username@hostname.tld) for the specified site.
drush_shell_proc_build in includes/exec.inc
Build an SSH string including an optional fragment of bash. Commands that use this should also merge drush_shell_proc_build_options() into their command options.
drush_sitealias_get_db_spec in includes/sitealias.inc
Return the $db_spec record for the database associated with the provided alias record. which will be used to first add the database information to the alias records, invoking sql-conf to look them up if necessary.
drush_sql_su in commands/sql/sql.drush.inc
drush_sql_sync in commands/sql/sync.sql.inc