function drush_context_names

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master drush_context_names()

Return a list of the valid drush context names.

These context names are carefully ordered from highest to lowest priority.

These contexts are evaluated in a certain order, and the highest priority value is returned by default from drush_get_option. This allows scripts to check whether an option was different before the current execution.

Specified by the script itself : process : Generated in the current process. cli : Passed as --option=value to the command line. stdin : Passed as a JSON encoded string through stdin. specific : Defined in a command-specific option record, and set in the command context whenever that command is used. alias : Defined in an alias record, and set in the alias context whenever that alias is used.

Specified by config files : custom : Loaded from the config file specified by --config or -c site : Loaded from the drushrc.php file in the Drupal site directory. drupal : Loaded from the drushrc.php file in the Drupal root directory. user : Loaded from the drushrc.php file in the user's home directory. home.drush Loaded from the drushrc.php file in the $HOME/.drush directory. system : Loaded from the drushrc.php file in the system's $PREFIX/etc/drush directory. drush : Loaded from the drushrc.php file in the same directory as drush.php.

Specified by the script, but has the lowest priority : default : The script might provide some sensible defaults during init.

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includes/, line 74
The Drush context API implementation.


function drush_context_names() {
  static $contexts = array(

  return $contexts;