function drush_get_command

8.0.x drush_get_command()
6.x drush_get_command()
7.x drush_get_command()
3.x drush_get_command()
4.x drush_get_command()
5.x drush_get_command()
master drush_get_command()

Return the command being executed.

9 calls to drush_get_command()
drush_command in includes/
Entry point for commands into the drush_invoke() API
drush_command_set_command_specific in includes/
drush_get_original_cli_args_and_options in includes/
Return the original cli args and options, exactly as they appeared on the command line, and in the same order. Any command-specific options that were set will also appear in this list, appended at the very end.
drush_notify_shutdown_error in commands/core/
Shutdown function to signal on errors.
drush_set_default_outputformat in commands/core/
Dynamically switch to a new output format. Does NOT override user-selected output format.

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includes/, line 389
The Drush context API implementation.


function drush_get_command() {
  return drush_get_context('command');